Moving to Madrid to live for a while? Look for a home to rent with Testa Residencial

Vivir en Madrid una temporada| Alquiler de vivienda

You are from Zaragoza. You have lived there all your life. Your family, work, your life in general are all there and you imagine yourself always living there. But one day you arrive at work and the boss gives you the news. Your life in Zaragoza is going to experience a short interlude. And where are they sending you? To Madrid

Now you know what lies ahead: living in Madrid. The next question is for how long? A year, they tell you.

Another question you ask is, will I be going on my own? With colleagues? Can I take my partner or family? And above all… Who’s paying…? Will the company provide everything? Do I have to arrange everything myself and the company will pay me a subsistence allowance? Do I have to pay for everything?

Whatever the answers to these questions, a year without a home can seem like an eternity. And even more so in a large city like Madrid.

The way to make the best of it is to rent the kind of home we all like to come back to after a hard day’s work. So, check out Testa Residencial’s large range of properties to rent in Madrid. There is a large choice; in the city centre, in the outskirts, and not forgetting towns close to the capital.

Are you looking for a home to rent in Madrid? Follow these pieces of advice

The time has come to start looking. Or to help your company so that they find something to your liking.

  1. Think about where your habitual place of work is going to be. Living close to work, represents quality of life for many people. Bear in mind that living in Madrid the distances are bound to seem longer.
  2. If your place of work is not going to be stable, why not live in the centre? Living in Madrid in a central area means all the public transport network of the region is to hand.
  3. If you are one of those who thinks, live in the centre of Madrid, no way!, consider renting a home in a residential area in the outskirts or in a town close to the capital. You will enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere, wide avenues, garden areas and easier parking.
  4. Neither one thing nor the other? You want to live close to work, without leaving the capital, but neither in the centre of the city nor too far from it. If you are going to work in one of Spain’s large business centres such as Las Cuatro Torres or Azca, with Testa Residencial you have the perfect option if you set up home in one of our developments in the area of Plaza de Castilla.
  5. You are concerned not only with location but also with the characteristics of the property? If you are one of those who in your home town as soon as the warm weather arrived, was used to enjoying the first coffee of the day in the garden, you don’t have to give up your al fresco breakfast! Look for a flat with terrace. In Madrid, for example, we have various developments that will allow you to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and more in the open air. This kind of rental property can be found in different areas such as Conde de Orgaz, Ensanche de Vallecas and Las Tablas, among others.
  6. What you’re most worried about as regards living in Madrid is the summer heat? Testa Residencial also has many rental properties with swimming pool available for you in the big city, in areas such as Conde de Orgaz, Ensanche de Vallecas, Julián Camarillo, Alcalá, etc., and in towns close to the capital such as Las Rozas, Getafe and Móstoles, among many others.

So, wherever you come from, make this interlude which, may at first have seemed daunting, into one of the best experiences of your life. If you choose Testa Residencial to accompany you in the adventure of living in Madrid, a year will soon fly by! And perhaps you may even decide to stay longer living in Madrid.

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