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Investor Relations

Communication of Significant Events

Download Date Theme
10/30/2019 First Half 2019 Financial Report
07/10/2019 Significant shareholders as of June 30, 2019
06/25/2019 Resolutions of the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting (Spanish versión)
05/24/2019 Meeting Agenda (in Spanish)
04/30/2019 Testa’s assets valuation 2018
04/25/2019 Consolidated Annual Accounts Testa 2018 correction
04/12/2019 Communication of Results 2018
04/08/2019 Sale of stake in the company and cancellation of shareholders agreement (Spanish version)
04/08/2019 Appointment of secretary non director of the board (Spanish version)
02/22/2019 Resolutions from the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting (Spanish version)
01/21/2019 Call for Extraordinary General Meeting
01/08/2019 Communication of Significant Shareholder Stakes
12/21/2018 Closing of Blackstone acquisition (Spanish version)
12/21/2018 Shareholders’ Agreement
12/21/2018 Calling off the Extraordinary General Meeting (Spanish version)
12/20/2018 Offer result (Spanish version)
12/19/2018 Adjustment in the Offer price (Spanish version)
12/18/2018 Resolutions from the Board of Directors (Spanish version)
12/18/2018 Resolutions from the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting (Spanish version)
11/22/2018 Change in Board representative
11/19/2018 Share Purchase Offer Announcement
11/15/2018 Call for Extraordinary General Meeting
11/01/2018 Authorisation from the CNMC
10/26/2018 S&P withdraws rating
10/08/2018 Acciona accepts the offer
09/19/2018 Information complementary to the announcement made on 17/09/2018
09/06/2018 Offer to shareholders with a change of control
09/06/2018 Management Interim Report 1H 2018
08/01/2018 Expenses incurred in the MAB listing process (Spanish version)