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The shares of TESTA RESIDENCIAL SOCIMI trade on the Spanish Alternative Equity Market (MAB) since 26/07/2018.

Shareholder Structure & Treasury Shares

Figures according to reports received by the Company.

The shareholders Santander, BBVA, Acciona and Merlin Properties entered into a Shareholders’ Agreement on 20/09/2017, which is described in the informational memorandum for the admission to listing on the MAB (DIIM)

Treasury shares amounted to 1,457 shares (0.001% of the share capital) at 30/06/2018.


Share capital & Number of shares

Testa Residencial SOCIMI SA currently has 132,270,202 shares outstanding with a par value of 1 euro each.

Date Transaction Capital increase (thousands of euros) No. of shares issued Par value per share (euros) Final no. of shares Final share capital (thousands of euros) Comment
31/03/2018 Rearrangement of shares 1.00 132,270,202 132,270 100×1 reverse stock split
26/03/2018 Capital increase 89,721 640,693,342 0.01 13,227,020,257 132,270 Cancellation of service contract
31/12/2017 Situation at Dec. 2017 0.01 12,586,326,743 125,863 Contribution of assets



No dividends announced yet.