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    The Company

    Sustainability & Responsibility Policy

    Environmental protection

    The Testa Residencial Group is firmly committed to protecting the environment and fostering environmental sustainability and aims to avoid pollution and eliminate the negative impacts of its activity.

    In this respect, Testa promotes innovation and appreciation of environmental sustainability and awareness throughout the organisation so that all areas act in accordance with prevailing environmental regulations and procedures. The group’s employees, whatever their position or geographical location, are required to strictly adhere to applicable environmental legislation.

    This commitment extends throughout Testa Residencial’s value chain in order to offer its tenants safe and accessible high quality spaces, with the highest possible levels of sustainability and energy efficiency.

    Also, as indicated in the company’s Code of Conduct, Testa Residencial only works with suppliers and contractors who comply with prevailing and applicable regulations in this respect, and always uses sustainable materials in addition to carrying out appropriate waste treatment.


    Respect for planning regulations

    In relation to planning regulations, the Group works according to criteria of sustainable urban development. Its buildings comply with the planning regulations of each autonomous community and municipality in which they are present, as well as state legislation in this respect, and blend into the urban centres where they are located with respect and integrity.

    Testa Residencial only considers projects that have the necessary permits and the acquisition of building projects which do not comply with planning regulations is expressly forbidden.