At Testa we’re experts in the rental market. Day in day out we analyze what’s happening in our industry and take steps to offer our tenants everything they need when renting a home.

Who’s responsible for repairs and who deals with utilities? These are the kinds of things tenants need to be clear about before renting a home. Today we’re going to help simplify this whole process for you by explaining five things you should know when renting a home.

Five things you should know when renting a home

  1. Who owns the property

It may seem obvious, but there can be a certain amount of risk in renting a property from a private landlord, since often you don’t know exactly who owns the property. Of course, it’s easy to find out. Just check the property registry. In our case it’s simple: at Testa we own 100% of the homes we have for rent, so you never have to worry about middlemen or strangers.

  1. The term of the agreement

At present, the Spanish Law on Home Rental Agreements specifies that the term of the rental agreement will be as agreed between the owner and the tenant. Usually, it’s set at one year. But if the term is not specified in the agreement, it will depend on the law in force at the time the agreement was signed, since the contract extensions stipulated in Article 9 of the Law on Urban Rents need to be taken into account.

  1. The rent

As a general rule, the amount of rent to be paid by a tenant is not specified by law, which means there are no public indices of rent per square metre in the different Autonomous Communities. So you may find some properties have disproportionate or uncompetitive rents.

At Testa we study the rental market and adapt to current conditions. We set our rents based on the characteristics of the property, taking all the variables that affect it, whether directly or indirectly, into account. Which is why we offer up to two months’ free rent to make the move easier for you from the word go.

  1. Utilities and repairs

To make moving easier for our tenants, at Testa we handle the business of setting up accounts utilities, free of charge for all new tenants. After that, tenants are responsible for paying their utility bills throughout the rental period.

To organise maintenance and repairs, at Testa we have the Tenants Portal. This is an exclusive online platform where tenants can report any incidents, request repairs and submit inquiries.

*The registration of utilities varies depending on the AACC. Check with your commercial.

  1. Guarantees

Since 2019 it is no longer mandatory to demand guarantees other than a deposit for the rental of a home, the maximum deposit being two months’ rent, declared as an additional guarantee.

The deposit is a mandatory charge which the tenant is guaranteed to recover at the end of the contract, provided there has been no change or damage to the state of the property.

It’s important to be aware of all the steps you’ll have to take before signing the agreement. The deposit, any bank guarantees, etc., all these things need to be clear from outset, so they can be dealt with appropriately.

Remember we’re to help whenever you need us. We’re eager to clear up any doubts you may have about the rental process. Give us a call and discover the advantages of renting your new home from us.

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