We know moving house is a big upheaval and can be exhausting; that’s why we want to help you make it easier so you can begin to enjoy your new home!

We associate moving house with words like “tiredness”, “stress”, “laziness” and “difficulty”. We imagine how great it will be once we are settled into our new home, but, at the same time, we all agree that moving house is exhausting.

To avoid this, we have brought together the best tips to ensure that moving house becomes a much simpler and organized affair.

1.-Get hold of some boxes: Keep the smaller boxes for the heaviest objects and the bigger ones for lighter objects.

2.-Get organised: Make sure all the boxes are correctly labelled and identified as this will save time when it comes to unpacking them.

3.-Throw away stuff you no longer need: Moving house is an opportunity to get rid of everything you don’t need or that you haven’t used for some time. Only keep what is worth keeping.

4.-Give yourself time: This is one of the most important factors when it comes to moving. Find a few minutes in your day-to-day routine for the easier tasks and use your days off for the bulk of the move.

5.-Choose the right transport: You have chosen what is going with you to your new home, now it’s time to transport it with the care it deserves, so nothing gets broken or lost on the way.

6.- Make a list of everything you need. Every house has its own peculiarities so you will need to renew some things. It’s time to get inspired, check out decoration websites!


7.- Buy or rent your furniture with Bechester: You will find many brands of furniture and household appliances at a wide range of prices. The “Hands Free” service allows you to choose the date and time of delivery and assembly of all the things you order! You will no longer have to wait 3 days for the table, 7 for the chairs, 1 month for the sofa, etc. With Bechester it will all be delivered at the same time whenever you need it.

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