Flats with a swimming pool, the envy of every summer and at Testa we have just the one for you.

The summer and heat are here and what you need as soon as you arrive home from work is no longer to sit down to watch a film or prepare tomorrow’s food. Also, where can the kids spend all day without school? But finally and perhaps most importantly, until you leave on holiday… Where are you going to cool off? There’s only one answer to these two questions… You need to live in a flat with a swimming pool! At Testa we offer you the best properties in an unrivalled setting, the comforts you deserve and yes….with a swimming pool too.

A swimming pool has become one of the main requirements when looking for a new home. The truth is that in cities like Madrid, July and August can be quite uncomfortable due to the high temperatures, so having a swimming pool is essential to survival.

At Testa we have the best homes with swimming pool. If you want to know why, keep reading.

In the summer, coming home from work feels special. Arrive home, see your partner, flatmates or family again and share an evening in the pool. This is the perfect way to break the daily routine and you can do so in Testa’s properties in Mirasierra; a neighbourhood with a bright future where you can live comfortably with your loved ones.

The kids spend the school year thinking of just one thing… The summer! Three months of holidays in which to have loads of adventures. And what could be better than doing so near home? Las Encinas, in Conde Orgaz, is the ideal place for families, with paddle tennis and basketball courts, a children’s play area, and, of course, a swimming pool! The kids will have a great time, in a safe environment for all the family to enjoy in summer.

One of the main attractions of a gated community is socialising with your neighbours. Live this fantastic experience in Testa’s properties in Cañada de los Cardos, Málaga where, in addition to fantastic amenities and communal areas, the swimming pool is a fabulous meeting point where you can cool off and enjoy meeting up with the neighbours.

Travelling, social life, not to mention doing exercise, all require a greater effort in the summer and cooling off becomes essential. Don’t be lazy! Enjoy your friends and sport while accompanying your daily activities with a refreshing dip in the pool. In our properties in the neighbourhood of Sant Pau, the communal areas are very appealing. An evening in the gym and the pool, the perfect plan, don’t you agree?

To conclude, at times, a swimming pool can make the communal areas of a gated community seem like paradise. This is the case for these properties in Palma de Mallorca, where your home and its surroundings become the place you were looking for to unwind and forget the daily grind. Who mentioned the beach? Enjoy a refreshing dip without leaving your home.

Enjoy this summer both inside and outside your home, renting a flat with a swimming pool with all its advantages: cool off, have fun with family and friends, get to know the neighbours and you can continue with your routine even in the summer. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. We await you at Testa!

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