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It may seem clichéd, but whenever someone nostalgically says “my time at university was one of the best times of my life” they usually mean it. So, if you have just started at university or you are in the middle of your degree make the most of it. This means making friends, learning new things, getting to know a new city or, who knows, maybe meeting the love of your life. Something all these activities have in common is greater independence and a meeting point: student flats.

Searching at Testa, you can find the best offers for student flat rentals suited to your needs.

The experience of sharing a flat

Sharing a flat with two or three other people is a classic aspect of university life. At this time of life, many possibilities open up, one of which is changing city in search of a prestigious university, such as the Universidad de Navarra. New experiences on the horizon!

Obviously, new starts are never easy and can give rise to anxiety. On arriving in a new place, your new roommates in your spacious 3 bedroom rental flat in Pamplona could become your first companions in adventure.

Connect with the city

Another cliché of student life is being continually on the move, from the university to home, from home to the gym, from the gym to the library and so on. This means that in a large city such as Barcelona, public transport connections and local amenities are an aspect to bear in mind. For example, if you decide to move to Barcelona, rent with Testa close to the La Maquinista shopping centre – where you can do your shopping – and to the underground – to move around easily. It’s ideal!

Living as a couple, the best life

One of the bases of a good home life is that there is chemistry between two people. We aren’t just talking about couples in love, two flatmates that live together well can obviously make their flat a home. This is one of the most enjoyable experiences at this stage of life and even more so in Madrid, one of the most popular destinations for students throughout Spain.

Living in the capital, basically in the centre, with easy access to all the city’s points of interest and with two bedrooms to share with that special person is the dream of many students.

Discover the centre

Where do you usually find the best student atmosphere? In the centre of large cities, where there are restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres and the widest range of leisure options. In Barcelona, a location that serves as a meeting point for many university students and in which to live in the city centre, a few minutes from the Plaza de España, could be the key to meeting many interesting people.

Enjoy your independence

Yes, meeting people is great, it’s a big point in favour of student life, but for many people student life only means one thing: independence. Living alone, learning to get on by yourself, cooking and doing the housework is an experience of personal enrichment.

If Madrid is waiting for you to live your great experience as an undergraduate or post-graduate and you identify with the need for independence, your best bet could be a studio flat in Paseo de la Castellana or in Francisco Remiro. The facilities of Madrid and the best aspects of living alone to hand.

As you have seen, there are as many experiences as homes for university life. Find the best student flats at Testa, where we will give you advice so you can find your next home.

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