How colours affect our emotions: Discover the psychology of colour in the home

20 Jun, 2022

Picking colours for your home in tune with your personality will make you feel much better every day.

Contrary to what some think, at Testa we are convinced that the colours of a home have a significance that goes beyond aesthetics. According to experts, colours can directly affect and even totally change a person’s mood.

The colours of a house, from the floor to the ceiling, can affect a person’s state of mind. Not just the colours of the walls, but those of all the decor: furniture, textiles, etc.

By taking into account the psychology of colour in the home you will be able to classify colours and their ranges, defining a colour scheme for your house and creating atmospheres suited to you.

  • Bright colours

Green, blue, orange and yellow, among other vibrant colours, will help give you a feeling of space in your house. They encourage activity and communication, so are ideal for the kitchen and dining room.

  • Dark colours

Dark colours provide a home with comfort and warmth. But don’t overdo it, using them too much can give a sombre and sad effect in the rooms.

  • Cold and warm colours

Warm colours will help make your rooms cosier and more comfortable. Orange, yellow and brown are some of the most popular for living rooms and bedrooms. Conversely, cold colours provide a calming effect and a relaxing atmosphere, and are the most popular for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Do you want to achieve a reinvigorating and relaxing effect? Combine cold and warm shades to create a mix of spaces that is perfect for your senses.

  • Colours that are not recommended

Although everybody is different and has their own unique personality there are certain colours that the psychology of colour in the home recommends not using too much due to their negative connotations for the senses. These are navy blue, a colour that generally inhibits communication among people, and red, a colour that is so capable of increasing energy that it can make people feel irritable and aggressive.

Colours are capable of changing people’s mood, so using them in one way or another in the home is beneficial for its tenants. In our properties at Tomas López, the predominant colours are whites, greens and greys.

This range of colours creates a relaxed atmosphere but one that also encourages activity and energy, thanks to the splashes of green.

In our furnished properties at Conde Orgaz, we use various combinations for the different rooms of the house. All have white walls that introduce colours in their decoration. Blue and orange for the living room, creating that mixture of warm and cold colours we talk about above. White in the bathrooms, kitchen and passageways, with small touches of gold to give a sensation of peace, space and elegance.

Now it’s your turn, add colour to your home

If you want to use the psychology of colour in the home, do it without fear. Combine those colours you like best, those that spark cheerfulness, peace and relaxation in you. Creativity is your best weapon and colours will help you to create harmonious atmospheres that will help you with your mood.

If you have any questions about how to choose the best colours for your home, we suggest you take a look at our selection of rental properties. You will find a large variety from which to choose, picking the one that most suits your personality and senses. Don’t wait any longer, visit our website and find the perfect choice for you.

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