Warm minimalism is the new trend in decoration that combines the simplicity of minimalist design with cosy elements to give your home a style of its own.

In line with minimalist tradition, this new design concept is about creating, living and decorating using the minimum. But in what ways does it differ from traditional minimalism? In using personal touches—other than the traditional ones—to make rooms warm and inviting.

Sober lines and open, uncluttered spaces are the hallmark of minimalism, but this doesn’t mean your rooms have to be cold, bland and featureless. Warm minimalism uses a number of key features to give your home a cosier, more welcoming feel.

Keys to warm minimalism

  • Neutral colours

In traditional minimalism the predominant colour was white, whereas warm minimalism uses earthy tones: beige, ochre, brown… soft colours that help create an atmosphere of serenity and well-being.

  • Natural materials

Forget marble and glass, go for wood and natural fibres. A combination of thoughtfully curated objects, matte finishes and wood will give your home a more natural feel.

Organic materials will connect your home with the essence of nature and bring a sustainable touch.

  • Curved lines

Break away from straight lines and rigid symmetry, look for curves. Dynamic elements with curved lines will bring an added sense of comfort and relaxation to your home.

Remember, the main lines of your furniture need curves to avoid a sense of clutter, ornamentation and noise.

  • Simple shapes

Rule number one in any minimalist trend is “less is more”. So applying a minimalist style means stripping away unnecessary decoration and ornaments. Simple shapes and functional but stylish features will give a space a timeless, lasting appeal.

  • Original textures

Not everything has to be smooth, plain and shapeless. One of the keys to warm minimalism it to respect each material’s native texture. This means you can include pieces made of wicker or wood, or fabrics with layered textures.

Besides wood, you can try materials such as stone, ceramic or multi-fabric carpets to create a more homely feel.

  • Plants

If you’re familiar with the basics of traditional minimalism, you’ll know that plants are not a major feature of this style. Warm minimalism, in contrast, relies on plants to add an air of vitality, nature and freshness to the space.

Plants such as orchids, cactuses, pampa and bamboo will help make a room not just a place to look at but also a place to relax and feel at home in.

  • Light

If there is one thing that gives warmth to a home it’s light. By making the most of the available light and using it to best effect, as we showed you in previous posts, your home and your chosen interior design will create a stronger impression and radiate a sense of peacefulness, rest and tranquillity.

With these tips, you already have the foundations to create your own warm minimalist style. By combining colours, textures and elements, you’ll build a balanced home in which nothing is superfluous and everything adds something.

If you’re passionate about decorating and like to keep up with the latest trends, our unfurnished homes are what you’re looking for. Multipurpose spaces, adapted to your needs and perfect for applying the warm minimalist or other design that best suits you. Just give us a call.

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