One of our favourite times of the year is approaching because if there is anything we like more than our homes it’s our homes with Christmas decorations.

This year Christmas is back, with its reunions, emotions and magic. After last year’s somewhat muted celebrations, this year Christmas is back and not just in our habits but also in our homes.

In today’s post we give you the best advice and show you our favourite tips so the Christmas spirit can begin to permeate all the nooks and crannies of your home. It’s time to play “All I Want For Christmas” on a loop. Let’s go!

  • Traditional Christmas style

If you like to watch Christmas films from November and you are dreaming of a large Christmas tree in your living room with gifts underneath it, you are a fan of the traditional Christmas. To decorate in this style, you need to make the tree the centrepiece and create a family mood around it with all the trimmings.

Put a large green tree in the middle of the living room and adorn it with lots of decorations: baubles, tinsel, strings of lights, etc. You can’t have too much. Leave enough room under it for the Christmas presents.

Hang your stockings above the fireplace like they do in the US, or in our case on a wall next to the tree. Don’t forget to put everybody’s name on them so Father Christmas doesn’t forget anybody’s presents.

To finish off, hang strings of lights from the door jambs and put candles in your favourite nooks and crannies to create a warm and cosy mood.

Red, green and gold are the best colours for this kind of decorations. Imagine how good this style would look in a large living room such as this one in Condesa de Venadito?

  • Scandinavian Christmas style

In contrast to the previous style, Scandinavian decorations place a premium on simplicity, neutral colours and simple inspiration.

White, brown and green are the predominant colours of this kind of Christmas decorations with wood and paper also playing a key role. We recommend using small trees in addition to the main one and small decorations that complement it such as logs, pine cones and paper decorations.

This style of Christmas decoration is perfect for not overloading the rooms with strident and striking colours while at the same time fully entering into the Christmas spirit.

  • Contemporary Christmas style

Another of our favourite styles is the contemporary one. Although this is based on the traditional style, with the tree as the main feature and lights in each corner providing brightness and harmony for each room, it leaves out certain ornaments while making use of the structural elements of the house.

This style uses the surfaces and layout of the rooms, such as the beams and walls, as the perfect supports from which to hang the Christmas ornaments and create a festive, simple and elegant look while doing away with decorations on tables, on the floor or hanging from the walls.

  • Rustic Christmas style

Curtains and tablecloths come into play with this style of Christmas decor. Although we tend to think that these elements form part of the day-to-day decorations, this is the perfect time of year to use those with Christmas motifs such as reindeer, Father Christmas, candy walking canes and ribbons.

For some people, this is one of the most formal of Christmas decoration styles as the small details result in a very Christmassy look.

Our furnished homes such as those in Tomás López already have curtains, tablecloths and ornaments that make for a unique decorative style; can you imagine then how they would look if you added your Christmas decorations? We think success is guaranteed.

  • Colourful Christmas style

If you thought red, green and gold were going to dominate all our decorations this Christmas, think again. In this last style of Christmas decoration colour takes over each nook and cranny of the house to create a fun and festive mood.

The key to success with this style is to choose a palette of traditional Christmas colours and complement these with more vibrant and radiant ones.

There are no rules for this style, your taste is what will define the final result. Can you imagine a tree loaded with lime green and fuchsia pink baubles?

Although it may seem to go beyond the “Christmas limits”, we assure you it will make you happy and bring all the rooms of your home to life.

What do you think of our suggestions? All are designed to adapt to each kind of home and maximise the potential of each house through essential elements of decoration.

In addition to our suggestions don’t forget small ornaments such as bows, fir wreaths, stars and mistletoe as complements for a Christmas decor that will make you want to begin to celebrate the holidays right away.

Remember that this Christmas we bring you the best present, a new home. On our website you will find a wide range of properties throughout Spain where you will be able to enjoy this Christmas and all the future Christmases you want. Find out more here:

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