Return with all guns blazing! Begin the daily routine with energy and give the best of yourself to achieve all your goals this September.

Disconnecting, changing schedules, routines and habits is only normal on holiday. The urge to disconnect from the frenetic pace of the daily grind means that often the return in September is harder than we would like.

Now we are fully immersed in September it is time to leave aside the excuses and return to routine in a healthy, organised and positive way.

The post-holiday syndrome is generally accompanied by a lack of motivation, apathy and discouragement. It is not an illness nor even a serious medical condition, but it can appear in at least 30% of workers.

To fight against it we have the best weapon possible: motivation.

It is often difficult to translate the intention to motivate or motivation itself to real actions, so we recommend small rituals or routines that you can carry out to motivate yourself in the difficult month of September.

  • Start slowly

Adapting to routine will be much easier if you begin by taking on easier tasks and gradually progressing towards more complex and difficult ones or ones that involve greater responsibility. Planning jobs in this way will help you to get up to your usual rhythm of work more quickly, while also making the change of physical and mental pace that occurs after the holidays easier.

  • Organise your moments

Dedicating a few moments to planning and enjoying your time is an excellent way to have small moments of relaxation. You can use various moments during the day such as lunch, break time or the walk to work to have time to yourself or to enjoy convivial moments with your family or workmates, softening in this way the impact of the return to work.

  • Set new goals

Having achievable goals is key to obtaining motivation. For this reason, it is a very good idea to take advantage of the return from holiday to remember your previous goals and set new ones. It is important that the new goals are well defined and compatible with the existing ones, as this will lead to satisfaction when you achieve them.

You can set different kinds of goal, for example to do with physical exercise. What about one of your goals being to play a game of tennis once a week in our court at Las Huertas en Conde Orgaz?

  • Plan new activities

The return to work is an ideal time to get back in touch with people you haven’t seen since the holidays, arranging plans together or inviting them to take part in yours. Taking part in activities helps you re-connect with the enthusiasm and the excitement of plans and of what the future will bring.

A popular activity is to go for bike rides with family or friends and when you finish you can leave your bikes in total comfort and security in the special areas we have for them in our properties.

Returning from holiday and getting up to speed with the daily routine impacts people both physically and emotionally. The difficulty of adapting to new habits can at times produce discouragement and demotivation, so it is essential to follow these bits of advice that will make the return to work and the daily routine easier and full of motivation.

If, in addition to all these actions, you are looking for something more, such as returning to the daily routine in a new home, you will find a large variety of opportunities that are perfect for you on our website. Find out more!

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