Welcome to the home of your dreams! Welcome to Condesa de Venadito, a project designed to satisfy all your needs.

Testa presents one of its most ambitious renovation projects, with the sole aim of bringing you the home of your dreams. This requires a number of factors: the first impression is that the exterior is visually striking. Then you will fall in love with the interior, thanks to its unique communal areas. Do you want to know more? Read on.

Love at first sight

We know the first impression is very important, and so for this reason, you will love our properties in Condesa de Venadito as soon as you walk through the door. We are not talking figuratively, the external access areas of the building exude personality, thanks to their stainless steel finishing. With the unique touch provided by the sheeting of the main door, the new entrance suggests exclusiveness, its nuances within reach of very few, combining safety and aesthetics. We protect you and yours.

The same criteria have been applied to the internal entrance areas, that have been fully renovated to achieve a perfect balance between state-of-the-art trends and classical elegance. The wood finishing is one of the main protagonists in entrance areas, facades and clothes drying areas. Designed with you in mind, with attention being given to the smallest details, such as for example the new elevations with Venetian blinds, that, without altering the aesthetics, maintain your privacy intact.

You will stay for the interior

Get to know our development in Condesa de Venadito better, walk around its communal areas, designed to provide maximum comfort. Thanks to the lighting and the earth tones of the interior paintwork, the passageways maintain a consistency with the outside of the building. A magical union that makes each nook and cranny a small piece of your home.

The concept of home has a strong emotional meaning so the decoration is designed and installed with the maximum care. Sofas, tables, lamps and plants favour meetings between neighbours, as do the chill out areas. A necessary harmony when you come home.

Quality as a hallmark

The daily routine is very tough and stressful so we need to find time for ourselves and our loved ones. Having these spaces in which to unwind in your own home is a priceless luxury. There is no better feeling than arriving home from work and enjoying a dip in a renovated swimming pool (being planned) with premium quality rest rooms and changing rooms so that your only concern at home is to enjoy yourself and relax.

Condesa de Venadito is the perfect place to start a family, where your kids will have the best possible childhood. The conditions of the building and its children’s play areas mean the kids can enjoy themselves, spend quality time and make life-long friends. Take family time to another level, enjoy yourself as you have never done before in your new home.

Let us accompany you on each step around the outside of the communal areas, the walks will be very pleasant, you can breathe fresh air and enjoy peace and quiet when you move around the building thanks to the various kinds of vegetation in each area.

Welcome to Condesa de Venadito!

If you liked the exterior and the communal areas, the properties will end up winning you over. Each bedroom has the ideal space for a comfortable life without worries. The kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped with premium brand domestic appliances, making household chores easier and the day to day routine a dream. Nobody decorates like you, each detail of this property will inspire you to make this a home for personal growth.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. It seems impossible, but the home of your dreams exists, made to measure and designed for your maximum well-being. It is to be found in Condesa de Venadito, a privileged area of Madrid with a host of amenities to hand. An exclusive property for you and your loved ones. Get in touch with us, we will make it easy for you, so you can concentrate on what is important, quality of life.

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