Give your home a personal touch and help the environment at the same time with sustainable decorating, the new trend that is all the rage in households.

Natural materials, locally-produced furniture, plants or responsibly manufactured textiles are just some of the main items of sustainable decoration. Would you like to learn more? Read on.

Caring for the environment has not just become a lifestyle trend but also one of the main concerns of modern society. We are increasingly aware and convinced that looking after the environment is essential for preserving the future of the world and that this is not just about isolated actions but is a way of thinking and of acting that should be adopted in all areas.

How can we use sustainable decoration at home?

  1. Sustainable furniture

Buying responsibly is the first rule when starting off in sustainable decorating. It’s not enough to buy things that respect the environment, it’s also important not to buy on impulse.

Once you have established your needs and drawn up your wish-list, it’s time to find out about the brands that are available in the large world of sustainable decor. It is important to know where the furniture has come from, who made it and how. Furniture companies are increasingly providing their clients with this information that is not limited to just the manufacturing materials.

Buy furniture that will last and is versatile, that way it will be able to adapt to changes and will have a longer life.

Let your creative side out and give your furniture a makeover with a good restyling.  Paint, strip or sand, varnish and even upholster chests of drawers, chairs, tables and even kitchen furniture to achieve a change of style without buying new furniture.

  1. Textiles

The rules for using textiles are simple: say no to synthetic fabrics and a big yes to natural fabrics and fibres. Wool, linen, jute and cotton are the most popular fabrics due to their benefits: transpiration, thermal insulation and hygiene. Because these are natural products their manufacture is more sustainable and produces less waste.

In addition to their properties directly associated with nature, natural fabrics give warmth and comfort to the home. Can you imagine decorating your home in Pinto with soft rugs and pretty curtains?

3. Sustainable elements of decor

Using national or local artists and hand-crafted items benefits local employment and gives any room originality. What about decorating your bedroom in Valencia with a unique work of art made of natural wood? It would look incredible!

What’s more, if you search among inherited or reused objects you are sure to find unique pieces that will prevent you from having to buy new decorations.

What do you think of this mixture of natural objects and books?

  1. Plants and vegetation

There is nothing more natural than plants. They can be inside the house, such as in the living room of Humasque (Palma de Mallorca), or on the terrace such as in our properties in Condesa de Venadito (Madrid), large open-air spaces with loads of possibilities.

There are more plants than you can imagine, choosing them only depends on you, the climate, the attention you can give them or the space you want them to take up.

Also, don’t forget their benefits; plants clean the air, provide reserves of rainwater and create a natural barrier.

  1. Sustainable materials

If you are going to get to work on a big change at home remember that the materials you use should be sustainable and preferably recycled or recyclable in order to safeguard the planet.

We strongly suggest you seek the advice of experts who can tell you what materials best go with your home: untreated wood, stone, ecological paints, water-based varnishes, etc. Almost all decor brands have ecological lines nowadays.

With sustainable decoration you will be doing your bit for the circular economy, reducing consumption and giving your home a new look.

 In this section we also include lighting. Having energy-efficient lighting is one of the key aspects of sustainability, you will save energy and help towards responsible consumption.

Do you know about programmable power? This too is a must for energy saving. Thanks to timers, you can switch power circuits on and off automatically during certain times of the day.

  1. Functional layout

If you want to go beyond decor, to reorganise and furnish, we recommend you plan and project flexible spaces in which to place multi-purpose furniture that can serve different rooms and uses.

To achieve this, you can use moveable panels, shelving units without a backboard, multi-purpose furniture, screens, etc. In our unfurnished properties you will find an endless number of spaces in which to let your imagination fly and design your home based on sustainability.

In addition to these guidelines don’t forget the 3Rs: reuse, recycle and reduce. Include them in your daily life to decorate, give value to objects and to have a sustainable home.

If like us you are also worried about the environment, you can begin to transform the decor of your home and not only do your bit for the world, but also create a unique style full of good vibrations.

Include this style of decorating in all our properties, both furnished and unfurnished. We have a large catalogue for you where you will find the perfect home for you.

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