If there’s something we like even more than the arrival of the good weather, it’s the arrival of the sun. When the spring begins to install itself in our home and the daylight hours become the centre of our days, it means the time has come to let the natural light of our home take over the rooms.

Natural light plays a very important role in any home: it breathes life into spaces, makes the occupants more comfortable and contributes beauty and harmony to the home.

By making the most of the natural light you will be able to create warmer and cosier spaces that not only enhance the decor of your home but also help the domestic economy and the environment.

If you want to make even more of the natural light in your home, take note of our tips and begin to let the sun illuminate everything.

  • Windows and doors

Choosing homes with large windows and glass or sliding doors will favour the flow of light around the home, making the most of the sunlight that enters the interior.

Choose good curtains so as much light can enter as possible. Choosing fabrics such as linen and clear colours such as white or beige will also favour the entry of the light.

  • Furniture

Bear in mind how you place the furniture so as not to prevent the passage of the natural light. Don’t put furniture close to the windows or plants on ledges or in places where the light comes in that could act as shields or screens. Let the light flow freely without encountering obstacles that block the passage of natural light.

Use mirrors. These elements, in addition to contributing personality to the decor, help to reflect the light instead of absorbing it, helping to make spaces seem larger and brighter.

Make a note of this trick; if you place a large mirror in front of a window you will make the most of the room’s natural light.

  • Decoration

Coffee and auxiliary tables and glass decorations will allow the passage of light, making the room seem bigger.

Using clear colours, nudes and pastel shades for the fabrics and walls will favour the reflection of the light and create more spacious and cosy atmospheres. A clear coloured floor will also help to reflect the light in all the rooms of the home. The same is true for furniture and household appliances.

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