Great ideas to prepare your house for the scariest night of the year.

Halloween is everybody’s favourite fiesta, both young and old. Decorating your home for Halloween can be great fun and at Testa we have the best ideas to turn it into a house of horror.

Decorate the living room.

Vinyl stickers and personalised cardboard cut-outs are one of the easiest and most original ways of decorating the walls of your living room. They can be stuck up and removed easily as they usually come with detachable seals.

Give priority to orange and black! Accessories in these colours will give a much more terrifying touch. You could also hang sheets and spider webs between pieces of furniture to make it look like a real haunted house. Don’t forget to use candles as a table centrepiece. Turn out the lights to create a mysterious atmosphere.

At Testa we have spectacular living rooms in which to celebrate the best Halloween parties. For example, in Calle de Juan de Aguiló, Valencia; this magnificent 136 m2 flat has a living room with large picture windows in one of the best areas of the city.

Decorate the garden too

If you live in a city where the weather is still pleasant and you want to take the party outside keep reading. We will tell you how to give the garden a terrifying touch.

Imagining ourselves in the porch of our flat in Diego Ayllón in Madrid thousands of ideas come to mind.

Pumpkins are a Halloween classic you can make yourself by hollowing out a real pumpkin and putting some candles inside. Although it you’re not very good with your hands, you can always buy candles in the shape of a skull or eyes for a terrifying effect.

Spiders are another Halloween classic. Scatter ones of different sizes and colours randomly on the floor and furniture to give a dark touch to all the nooks and crannies of the house.

If you can afford it, two accessories that never fail are false tombstones and skeletons that you can arrange in your garden or in the hall of your house. They will give your decorations a unique touch!

Sounds fun, right? Take a look at our flats in Almería and Málaga. You will long to hold your Halloween party in their gardens and on their terraces.

Every party must have food.

Surprise your guests with a scary menu.

The best option in this kind of event is a buffet with the food presented individually in glasses, skewers, sandwiches, etc. In other words, finger food that can be picked up easily in the hand; it is very much in vogue and is ideal for when you have guests.

Prepare a savoury and a sweet table so your guests can choose from their favourite dishes. Here’s an extra tip to impress your guests on Halloween: forget traditional table decorations and choose tableware with a Halloween theme.

Imagine preparing food like this in one of our flats in Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas or Avenida de Euro in Madrid, in their spectacular kitchens equipped with the latest technology. Do you dare to eat the mummy’s fingers?

The decorations, the guests, the food, we don’t know where to start to prepare our magical night; what we do know is that we can’t wait for Halloween to see how you have decorated your homes.

Celebrate Halloween and all you favourite parties in our homes, available throughout the country with a wide variety of characteristics so you can find in them everything you are looking for. Call us on 91 203 15 15 or go to our website at www.testaresidencial. Your new home awaits you here!

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