Learn about how to use this decorating style to live slowly and comfortably without leaving home.

Arrive home, leave the stress on the front door mat and soak up the peace and quiet. This is what slow decorating is, using sustainable materials and looking after the environment so you feel at peace and in harmony at home.

At Testa, we offer functional, spacious and bright homes that you can make into a refuge, the place you have dreamed of in which to live your life. A place where time seems to stand still so you can enjoy what you like doing best: reading, meditating, doing physical exercise, sleeping or simply making the most of time with the family.

What is slow decorating?

Slow decorating allows you to enjoy the comfort and well-being of your home, whether you live in the financial centre of the capital, such as our development in Plaza Castilla, or in the outskirts with the best public transport connections as is the case with our developments in Las Rozas. It doesn’t matter if you live in the countryside or in a city, slow decorating will help you to disconnect and enjoy a slower more relaxed way of life without the daily stresses.

It is a style of decoration that gives importance to those details that make you feel good. A house with open and bright rooms in which sustainable materials and plants go hand in hand. It is not a minimalist style rather a combination of simplicity and order so you feel good in the warmth of your home. In this kind of decoration, sustainable materials, such as wood, and natural fibres such as linen become your best allies.

Ideas to create a slow house

1. Sustainable materials, natural fibres and neutral colours. In slow decoration noble materials such as wood predominate, especially in light colours. There is a bias towards neutral shades, such as beiges, whites or greys, and even blue, a colour that transmits calm and relaxation. Blankets, cushions, and bed linen should be made of natural fibres such as cotton or linen and if possible made ecologically. These textiles are essential to providing a greater sensation of calm.

2. The kitchen, the heart of the house. Slow decorating means open-plan kitchens without walls, spaces open to the living room to create a versatile area in which to spend great times with the family. Decorated in wood and light shades, in the kitchen you will be able to enjoy cooking and the pleasure of eating with your family and friends.

In the kitchens of our new properties in Villanueva de la Cañada and Plaza de Castilla the kitchen is the leading protagonist, creating a relaxed and open environment in which to share different moments.

3. Create a reading corner. A slow house must have a corner in which to rest and slow down. For example, a sofa with cotton cushions and a woollen blanket on which to enjoy a good book. You could add an auxiliary table with a plant and a simple decorative detail that radiates peace.

4. Functional spaces and neutral decoration. Slow decorating means open and clear spaces without even doors. Interconnecting rooms favour family relations. It’s time to have a clear out and keep only those objects that give you a feeling of order and calm. Get rid of everything that stops you from feeling relaxed. Order helps maintain the harmony of the home and will allow you to sit down for a rest without distractions or feelings of guilt. Make sure your bedroom is quiet and give it a low light that encourages rest.

5. Use greenery A home connected to nature improves the mood and brings peace and quiet. Choose hardy indoor plants that look good for longer. Depending on your preferences, choose plants with flowers, large plants, cacti or small displays of dried flowers. The greater the variety the prettier it will be.

6. Do you have a terrace or garden? Prepare it for the cold weather and enjoy this valued corner. Enjoy breakfast or tea in the open air or a long after-dinner chat with friends. Use blankets and fabrics in each corner to gain in comfort.

Now you can choose a home such as those we offer at Testa, where you can apply all the key aspects of slow decorating and enjoy a spirit of peace and relaxation. Don’t think twice!

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