Learn how to decorate the bathroom and enjoy it much more.

We are fans of pretty bathrooms. This essential room of the house can become so much more by using appropriate elements of decoration. Take note!

Include decorative details

Your bathroom does not have to be just a functional space. You can create a room in which to feel comfortable. Use decorative details: mats and rugs, flowers, pictures and even designer stools.

Check out our fully renovated bathroom in Las Tablas. It is perfect for including a small raffia mat, a wood colour stool and a vase with dry flowers to achieve a rustic and homely effect.

Seek out the best lighting

Lighting is an element that is increasingly valued in bathrooms. Bathrooms are usually small, so good lighting is crucial.

Ideally the light should be natural, such as in the bathrooms of our developments in Manzana Castellana and Médico Francisco in Almería. However, artificial lighting can also be your best ally; pretty lamps and light fixtures will give your bathroom the necessary light.

Bath tub or shower tray? The eternal dilemma

Although most modern bathrooms today have shower trays, some people still prefer a large bath tub in which to relax. Choose the materials for the shower: granite, stoneware, etc., the screens and the size and shape of the shower tray will give the bathroom a classical or a modern style.

What do you think of the materials we have chosen for renovating the bathrooms of our properties in Los Olivos de Conde Orgaz? Modern white shower trays with premium quality silver taps.

Mix materials

Forget about total harmony and plump for a mixture of materials. Using various materials and colours can achieve very satisfactory results. The beige of the tiling can be combined with black elements such as light fixtures or the waste bin and contrasts with wooden elements. You set the rules, dare to create your own style!

Give the floor your own touch

At certain times it may seem that the floor is the least important part of a house, specifically in spaces such as the bathroom. Nothing could be further from the truth. Floors have their own personality, so including features such as mats or rugs with contrasting textures or colours can completely change the style of your bathroom.

What mat or rug would you put in our bathrooms in Plaza de Castilla?

Exclusive elements

There are exclusive decorative elements and items created solely for bathrooms. Furniture, mirrors, ornaments… Using these will give this corner a special aura as they are designed uniquely for this space and create a set of unique elements for this room.

We have told you about the latest trends and the best tips for decorating the bathroom. Now all you have to do is make use of these bits of advice and convert the bathroom into your favourite room of the house. Are you ready?

If this article has inspired you and you are thinking of moving to a bigger house, with more bathrooms or a different layout, check out our website. At www.testaresidencial.com you will find an endless number of options that are perfect for you.

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