Whether you are on holiday or you live there, once you get to know Palma de Mallorca we are sure you won’t want to leave.

Some media have chosen it as the best city in the world in which to live. Its climate, geography and infrastructure are some of the factors that make the capital of the Balearic Islands one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and residents.

Mallorca is one of the favourite islands of tourists and investors. It is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations and also one of the most popular cities for living. Its multi-national atmosphere and natural and geographical riches make it one of the most popular locations for first and second homes.

When you finish reading this post, you won’t be able to stop thinking about the island or its capital, but don’t worry, at Testa you will find the best rental properties for enjoying the city from today.

Living on an island

Although at first it may seem that living on an island has its limitations, in reality there are plenty of advantages to it. Mallorca has a multicultural ambience that makes it unique. Due to the people who live or spend periods on the island, its population, both from Spain and other countries, mainly the UK and Germany, make the city a cosmopolitan place with a mixture of cultures, traditions and nationalities.

Mallorca has an optimal infrastructure comprised of roads, hospitals, schools and leisure facilities. It is very well connected with the rest of Spain and with other countries thanks to its international airport.

Sea views

If there is one thing that makes people choose the capital of the Balearics that is without doubt its beaches. Its proximity to the sea and the various beaches and coves that surround the city have become one of its main attractions. This means that a lot of the island’s homes have direct sea views, such as our property located in Salvador Dalí, with incredible balconies for enjoying not just the views but also the warm climate.

Piscina de la promoción Salvador Dalí, en Palma de Mallorca

Large number of cultural and leisure activities

The tourist sights of Mallorca are well known around the world by both residents and tourists but are far from being the only attraction of the city. The large number of people who live on the island throughout the year means there is a very varied calendar of activities, and some areas such as Son Serra, where we have various properties, have a range of different cultural and leisure activities suitable for everybody.

Piscina de la promoción Son Serra, en Palma de Mallorca

Beauty in each region

The island has natural limitations; several years ago the regional government put in place a building policy that protects the coastline from mass development. This has helped to look after and protect the natural beauty of the island and maintain the quality of the available properties.

Monumentos de baleares

Located in the very heart of San Gual is our Vallgonera residential development with large properties for enjoying all the comforts and marvels of the island.

Piscina de la promoción Vallgonera, en Palma de Mallorca

For many years Mallorca has been and remains one of the safest areas in the country. The friendliness of its inhabitants and visitors makes walking around its gated communities and streets an enjoyable and safe activity, both in company and alone.

Whatever you’re looking for, you will find a wide variety of choice among the Testa homes available for rent in the Mallorcan capital suited to all tastes from seasoned travellers to fans of peace and quiet.

Visit our website and find the rental property in Palma de Mallorca that is your perfect new home.

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