Spring’s coming! Let’s give it a proper welcome, with lots of bright ideas for things to do and an eagerness to enjoy them to the full, both inside and outside the home.

The cold is retreating, the sun is shining, and the warm weather fills us with energy to tackle all the plans we have for making the most of spring in your home.

We’ve already drawn up our list of ways to start the new season with a bang.

  1. Get the terrace ready

At last, we can start using the terrace again. Reading in the sun, having breakfast outdoors, doing exercises, or just relaxing. It’s time to get the terrace ready, clean up the remains of winter, put out the furniture, and make plans for all the things we’re going to do there.

The terrace in La Rosaleda is one of our favourites for spending spring afternoons. Its location and size make it perfect for entertaining, or recharging your batteries while listening to music or practicing yoga in the afternoon.

  1. Venture out into the communal areas

Start by taking a walk through the gardens, then along the avenues, ending up on the courts with a game of paddle tennis with family or neighbours. Does that sound good?

Well, in our homes in Julián Camarillo you can do just that, day after day, throughout the spring. The extensive gardens and sports areas are designed for tenants to enjoy, offering every convenience and a variety of options without having to leave your home.

  1. Redecorate

There’s no need for your home to always look the same. Start by changing the blankets, the curtains, the quilts. Give your home a cheerful air of spring to see in the new season.

Be bold, choose bright colours, fill your home with light and colour, switching out neutral shades for lighter, more airy fabrics.

  1. Set out some spring plants

It’s impossible to talk about spring without thinking of flowers, whether in vases, pots or bouquets. Decorate your home with new plants and flowers.

If it’s indoor plants you’re after—for the living room or the dining room—we suggest daisies or daffodils.

If you want flowers for your garden or terrace, try tulips, azaleas or lavender, which will provide scent as well as colour.

But if you want to go even further and really make the most of your garden or terrace, how about planting a small private garden? We explain how here.

Although we’re great fans of the movie-and-blanket option, the fact is that winter is on its way out, leaving that option behind. The days are getting longer, so you’ll want to get all you can out of the hours of sunshine and all the possibilities you’ll find in our homes and their communal areas. Find your home on our website and get ready to make the most of spring.

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