Now is the time of year when university access exams are being held. There are many things to consider ahead of September and your child’s next few years at university like what to study and where. Over 30% of students decide to study away from home, in another city, and your child could be one of them.

A flat or hall of residence?

Studying away from home also means having to decide where to live: in a flat or in a hall of residence? And this is where you decide, because although your child is flying the nest, they will continue to rely on you financially. Both options have their pros and cons.

Halls of residence are like hotels for students. They have cleaning and laundry services, dining halls, etc. They are perfect for having a good time without having to worry about household chores. However, many of these places are quite strict about meal times and what time students have to be back at night. Also, they may be run in accordance with a certain ideology or set of values, either of a religious or political nature.

On the other hand, renting a flat with other students means greater freedom but also certain responsibilities. Neither mom and dad nor the personnel of a hall of residence will be there to cook for the student or wash their clothes. This could help your child to mature and begin to take on the responsibilities involved in living away from home.

It is an opportunity for personal development while preparing for a future career. Not only will they have to deal with domestic matters, but also, to a certain extent, administer a budget, controlling expenses. Also, in a flat, whether shared or not, the student will have more freedom as regards meal and study times and full access to all the rooms of the flat at any time of day.

From a financial viewpoint, it is worth doing your sums, especially if you have more than one child at university. A good option in this case is to rent a flat for siblings to share. This is a good way of cutting costs compared to paying for two places in a hall of residence.

Is only one child flying the nest? Perhaps renting an apartment just for one is beyond the family budget. In addition there are costs associated with utilities, food, transport, the university itself, etc. In this case, sharing a flat with friends or fellow students is not only a cheaper option but could also be more attractive for the young person. Compared to the expenses involved in living in a hall of residence many parents’ wallets will be grateful.

How to choose the most suitable home rental property

Location is key

Transport can also be expensive, so it is essential that the flat be well connected with the university and town centre. Also, as regards daily life, it is important to live in an area with supermarkets and shops nearby and with sports facilities in order to lead a healthy life.

Fixtures and fittings

How many people are going to live in the flat? The number and size of the rooms is also important so all the flat-mates are comfortable, as are the fixtures and fittings of the kitchen and of the other rooms and their orientation, in order to have nice views and above all natural light for long hours of studying.

We know price is important

Madrid is one of the most popular destinations among students and also one of the European cities in which rents have increased the most in recent years. In this respect, it is important to fix a budget and look for rental options which are good value for money in line with this budget. Check out Testa Residencial’s rental properties in Madrid so your child can enjoy their stay in Madrid at a more than reasonable price. Examples include Testa Residencial’s development in the Plaza de Castilla or those in Las Tablas and Mirasierra, with apartments and flats located very close to universities such as the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid or business schools such as ESADE Business & Law School.

Testa Residencial also has attractive home rental developments in towns such as Getafe, Leganés, Móstoles and Alcorcón which are close to the capital and to universities in the south of Madrid such as the Carlos III and Rey Juan Carlos universities.

Also, just for being a Testa client, tenants enjoy discounts and special terms and conditions offered by our associates such as Selectra (savings on electricity and gas), Seguros Bilbao (home insurance), Banco Santander (the Exclusivos programme) and Home Essentials (furniture, household appliances and fixtures and fittings hire).

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