Starting over……again. It’s farewell to the summer holidays and welcome back to the daily routine with the best communal areas for the kids to enjoy.

We exchange towels for books, the beach for the classroom and days without timetables for the daily routine that some people long to get back to and others hate, which are you?

Work and school are back but so are calm and the peace of mind of knowing you can enjoy your daily routine, your home and your family because we take care of everything else.

Children are undoubtedly affected by this return to the daily routine. The school day is back as are timetables and activities and we can’t think of anywhere better to live the return to school than in our own homes.

Living in a residential development with a wide variety of communal areas gives kids, and grown-ups, a wide range of activities to do when they come home from school and work.

The versatility of our communal areas, their spaciousness and materials, make them the perfect choice for enjoying long evenings of games, reading and physical activity.

Wherever you are, we have a home with renovated and modernised communal areas for you and your family.

  • Sport and fun in Valencia

The Maestro Rodrigo properties are perfect for lovers of sport and physical activity. After doing innumerable lengths of the swimming pool this summer, the kids can enjoy the children’s play area, the gardens and the sports area where they can spend the autumn evenings doing their favourite activities.

From playing with a ball to riding a bicycle; the development has an area specially designed for bicycles, that offers extra space to all those parents and children who choose pedalling as their favourite activity.

  • Paddle tennis and football tournaments in Madrid

If your children are paddle tennis fans, the communal areas of Mirasierra will become their favourite place.

The sports installations of the development include a new paddle tennis court that is perfect for professionals and amateurs.

Also, the large area of trees gives the properties a perfect option for those who want to enjoy nature and peace only a very short distance from the centre of Madrid.

But that’s not all, in the children’s play area there is a football pitch with two goals that is perfect for lovers of the sport.

  • A wide range of options in Las Tablas

Continuing in Madrid we need to stop in Las Tablas. This booming neighbourhood has one of the most sought after residential developments.

Its communal areas have been fully renovated and modernised with top quality materials.

These contain different areas comprising immense lawns for carrying out any activity, a swimming pool, paddle tennis court and a children’s play area that is fully equipped so that kids, of all ages, can find their favourite place when they return from school.

  • Almeria: space and adventure

The communal areas of Médico Francisco are one of our favourites, and are sure to become your kids’ thanks to their children’s play area.

Slides, swings, castles and a climbing wall make a play area that is perfect for the most adventurous in which they will be able to enjoy endless evenings of games and let their imagination fly while they climb the original climbing wall.

The development’s communal areas also include a large swimming pool and paddle tennis courts.

  • Options for all in Alicante

The palm trees of Almeria are the stand-out feature of the large gardens of las Terrazas de Gran Vía, a development of residential properties that is peaceful and safe in an unbeatable environment.

The swimming pool is located in the centre of the communal areas and is surrounded by various parks, gardens and paths that bring to life a large and multi-purpose space your kids won’t want to leave.

Play a game of paddle tennis, run in its gardens, read on its benches, walk along its paths, play in the children’s play area… a whole world of possibilities to enjoy the evenings without having to leave home.

The possibilities are multiplied in a development with various communal areas.

 With the arrival of the daily routine and the return to school, having different areas for games, sport and fun right next to your house means you will be able to enjoy as much time as possible with the kids without having to travel.

At Testa, we have the largest number of rental properties in Spain, with incredible renovated, re-designed and modernised communal areas to offer just what you and your family are looking for.

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