Nowadays technology can be of great help when it comes to making the daily chores easier. The first thing many of us do on waking up and after ventilating the bedroom for a few minutes, is to make a list of everything we need to do during the day; clean up the kitchen after lunch, put clothes away in the wardrobes, tidy up, etc. Let technology help! Download apps to organise the home in a practical way.

If we can make use of organising apps to carry out chores and organise our rented home in a practical and agile way, so much the better. Organising household tasks or writing a shopping list will be less of a chore, as with the new organising apps everything will be much easier and more efficient.

The best home organisation apps

We include below a description of the six best apps for organising your rental home. As soon as you start to use them, you will be able to say your house is better organised than that of the Japanese tidying guru, Marie Kondo.

  • Your Closet

This organising app allows you to take photos of all your clothes and accessories to create a virtual wardrobe on your device. You can classify by them by seasons, by the places where you are going to wear them and even draw up a calendar of when you are going to wear them. Uploading the clothes to the application is quite easy; it involves placing the piece of clothing or accessory on a neutral background and taking a photograph. Using the app you can trim and adjust certain features of the picture. In just a few steps, you can create a database for all your clothes that can help you to keep your wardrobe under control. You will no longer have to think about what to wear each morning! This application is only available on Android.

  • Bring

This app is designed to create a shopping list of everything you need for the home in a simple and very dynamic way. You can create various lists such as, for example, the main list, a list for an event or party, a list for a specific shopping centre, etc.

You can also share each list with other users and synchronise all the movements and changes that any of these make. Visually it is very intuitive, offering an image of a food or product on the list, and you can even include a photo of the product so that it is easier to identify. The app is available for Android and for iOS.

  • OurHome

This app enables you to clearly define each household chore and assign them to family members. Each household member is assigned a user name with their own list of tasks. Once all the jobs are finished, they are awarded a certain number of points. If there are children at home, this app is sure to increase their motivation.  OurHome allows you to take photos as proof of a “job well done”, personalise each user’s profile and assign the controls within the app. It is also possible to create shopping lists which are sure to be very useful when planning the week or month ahead. This organisation app is available on Android and iOS.

  • Ikea Home Planner

This app from the Swedish home furnishing company is designed to enable you to design the distribution of all the furniture and elements of your home from scratch. You can add rooms and personalise the colours of the walls and floors and add pieces of furniture in a highly intuitive way.

It is better to create your design in two dimensions first, as this makes it easier to find your way around the floor plan. Then you can move to the 3D view and achieve more realism. In this way you can see how your house would look furnished, albeit with IKEA furniture! This organising app is available  for Android and iOS.

  • PlanidFood

Finally, this is one of the most popular organisation apps at the moment. This application helps you to plan and prepare your meals for the week. On opening the app the first thing that appears is a small questionnaire about certain personal aspects and tastes.

You can plan meals for several days ahead. A list of ingredients and the steps to follow in preparing each dish are shown and can be shared with contacts. It offers a large variety of styles that are explained in a simple manner. It is also available on Android and  iOS.


Testa Residencial, a property company specialising in home renting, encourages you to download one of these apps to better organise your home. At times, organising the house and our routines can seem tedious. Let technology help!



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