On March 9 2018, the Spanish Council of Ministers approved the new State Housing Plan for 2018-2021, which includes a number of measures to assist with home renting. The goal is to make it easier for the less well off sectors of society to be able to rent a home via the granting of direct assistance to tenants.

This assistance benefits tenants with a rental contract signed under the terms and conditions of Law 29/1994 of November 24, governing urban property rentals. The rented property must be the usual and permanent place of residence of the tenant, who must be registered on the civil register as living there, and there are also a number of requirements as regards the level of income of the persons who have their usual place of residence at the rented property. Another factor to take into account in order to be able to benefit from this aid is that the cost of the rent must be equal to or less than 600 euros.

The assistance amounts to up to 40 per cent of the monthly rent of the property. For persons over 65, this figure could amount to up to 50 per cent. Aid is reduced to 30 per cent if the monthly rent is between 600 and 900 euros.

The State Housing Plan for 2018-2021 also establishes rental assistance programmes for young people.

Further details about the various State Housing Plan programmes can be found at the appropriate section of the Spanish Development Ministry website

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