With the arrival of the cold weather, energy efficiency plays a key role in savings on the domestic energy bill. Today’s post is all about tips on how to save energy and money. Both your wallet and the environment will feel the benefit.

There’s nothing like the warmth of home is there, especially when the cold weather arrives. To judge from how autumn has started, this is going to be a winter of low temperatures and high energy bills! Households are responsible for around 20% of Spanish energy consumption and, according to figures of the Spanish Consumers and Users Organisation (OCU), heating is the biggest consumer.

However, it is possible to avoid big fluctuations in temperature and cost. The key is energy efficiency. It is possible to save energy and money with a few simple measures that will not only benefit your pocket but also the environment.

When regulating the temperature keep it constant. It is better to maintain the same moderate temperature than to keep turning the heating on and off. It is also best to avoid increasing the temperature suddenly as this causes higher consumption. And at night it is best to turn off the heating.

Window insulation is also important. Don’t let the heat escape! You will save energy and money. Double glazing reduces heat loss by almost half. Thermally broken frames that contain an insulating material between the external and internal part of the frame are best.

Heat can also be lost through the floor. A simple solution is to lay carpets to keep the house warm and save on heating.

Radiators should be bled at least once a year. It is best to do this at the start of winter. Don’t forget to do it otherwise you will use more energy.

But, to make your home energy efficient it is not just the heating you need to take into account.

No more standby mode! You will save more than 10% on your electricity bill, according to figures provided by the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE).

Household appliances also play a key role in electricity consumption. It is often worth replacing these with more modern and efficient models as this can reduce annual energy consumption by half. Pay special attention to the fridge. This is the household appliance that uses the most electricity. Normally it has an even level of consumption, but each time you open the close and door this consumption peaks. Its location and maintenance are also important. It should be in a cool place and the back of the fridge should be kept free of dust. Frost build-up on the walls should not exceed two millimetres in thickness. The internal temperature of the fridge should be kept between 3 and 7 degrees centigrade.

At Testa Residencial we are aware of the importance of these measures aimed at maintaining a certain level of energy efficiency in the home. Many of our developments have measures such as those described above. It is easy to save on energy bills with us. If you are looking for an energy efficient home don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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