Christmas is coming and with it, as well as all the New Year’s resolutions we are all thinking about, all the typical sights and sounds of this time of year: Christmas lights in the streets, shops full of people and of course Christmas presents! And we at Testa Residencial want to spread some Christmas cheer of our own. How? By filling our own sack of Christmas presents for those who choose Testa in their search for a home to rent this Christmas.

So, if you decide to rent a home with us in December, we have a Christmas present for you! What’s more, you can choose from various options.

Choosing to rent a flat with Testa Residencial this month means a new tenant will not only be able to enjoy a new home that perfectly meets their needs and desires and is the best value for money, but also a gift that, in addition to providing Christmas cheer, will help to make the post-holiday spending crunch a little easier.

Whichever option the new tenant chooses the Testa Residencial Christmas gifts are all worth 400 euros.

Christmas gift: 400 euros for those who choose to rent a home with us

As we were saying, Testa Residencial comes bearing Christmas gifts for those who decide to rent a home with us in December. Among the various options, all worth 400 euros, those of you who choose Testa to rent a new home in which to start the new year, can choose between: a discount on the first month’s rent of your new rental flat, welcome financial assistance that will help your stretch your pockets, or you can use this money to buy furniture or household items and equipment. If you already have the furniture and furnishings for your new home, you can use this money to buy clothing, electronic devices, a Christmas present for the family, etc. Purchases can be made on-line or at a large department store.

And if you are one of those people who enjoy gastronomical experiences, you can use these 400 euros to make a purchase worthy of a top gourmet. It will be a wonderful experience for the senses! Take the opportunity to enjoy the delicacies that have given you the reputation of being a bon viveur.

You know it already. And have done for some time! Testa Residencial is your best option for finding the ideal rental flat if you are searching for a home to rent. Not just because we have the biggest range of home rental properties in Spain, but also because renting a flat with Testa means finding that home to which we all aspire, with the best value for money that now, what’s more, comes with a gift! There are many advantages to renting with Testa, and even more at Christmas.

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