A private garden has become an important requirement when looking for a rental home.

Living in a house with a private garden is many people’s dream, a way of escape in your own home where you can enjoy the fresh air and unwind… At Testa we can make the dream come true!

What do you ask of a home in which to begin a new life? Comfort, quality and well-being are some of the characteristics you probably look for. Having a garden in your home is the best way to disconnect from the daily routine.

These are the advantages of living in a house with a private garden.

  • Enjoy the open air.

Read in the garden, drink coffee while listening to the bird song, do exercise in an outside space, or just relax. Picture that February morning when the sun comes out and shines strongly or that summer evening when you can meet up with friends in complete privacy.

Do you like gardening? Having a green space will allow you to indulge your passion without leaving home. You can dedicate time to tending your plants, buying seeds, thinking of how to decorate the garden… even creating a small vegetable patch with tomatoes, courgettes, spices…. You’ll have great fun!

  • A meeting place.

Your garden will become a meeting place, especially in the summer. A meal here, a barbecue there, a sundowner, an aperitif in the sunshine, the ideal place to celebrate birthdays… everybody will want to come to your house! And if there are kids among the guests, they will enjoy themselves in a safe environment and will run around the garden until they are exhausted.

Another big advantage is that in these Covid times you won’t have to call a week ahead to reserve a table on the most fashionable terrace in town… you have your own! Much more comfortable, closer, more intimate and more economical!

Our development in Palma de Mallorca has properties with large gardens that combine wooden and tiled flooring, creating two different spaces: a dining area and chill out zone. You will be able to enjoy the garden with your family and friends, spend quality time there and all without leaving home!

  • Enhanced quality of life.

The garden becomes a way of escape on any day of the year. Being able to breathe fresh air outside the four walls of your home and not feeling caged in means greater happiness and allows you to recharge your batteries. Going out into the garden and being in contact with the open air and nature is a great way to disconnect from the stress of your daily routine, the worries racing round your head and the rushing around we all do. Our development in Torrelodones has the garden you are looking for. Did you know that breathing fresh air renews you from the inside? It favours cellular oxygenation and eliminates toxins from your body, in addition to calming and relaxing the nervous system contributing to a general feeling of well-being.

  • Family space.

You will enjoy the garden in one way or another and in the company you choose. To relax or play, in the morning or at night, in company or on your own. Do you have pets? They will also enjoy the garden, in fact, they will be very happy not to be locked inside the house most of the day. They will feel free! Your pets will be able to do what they want: come inside, go outside, run around, frolic, let off steam…so they will be happier and have a better quality of life!

  • More privacy.

Having your own oasis in the middle of the city in the residential area of Conde Orgaz, in the heart of Madrid is a real luxury. Outside the house, there is the hustle and bustle, the noise, the sounds of the street, but when you enter your garden you will enjoy the peace and quiet.

In conclusion, a garden will make you happy and become a multi-purpose space where you can enjoy a good time.

Do you fancy a house with a garden? Let Testa accompany you on your search for the perfect home. We have an extensive network of properties with gardens throughout Spain. Tell us what the house of your dreams is like and we will make your dream come true.

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