Leave home. Become independent. Free yourself. Leave the nest. Continue reading to find out if it is time to make the move.

 All of us reach that point in our lives when we feel the need to leave the family home to take up the reins of our own life. However, we often postpone the decision due to the emotional and economic consequences involved.

Have you been thinking for some time about leaving home? Do you have the financial resources to do so? Do you have a permanent job? Do you crave the independence that you lack in your parents’ house? Have you made a list of the pros and cons and there are more of the former? If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, leave your fears behind and make the move; becoming independent has many advantages! Perhaps the most important (and mind-blowing) of all is the freedom to do what you want when you want without having to answer to anybody. Just to yourself!

At Testa, we want to accompany you during this unique moment in your life and give you some advice so you can make the most of this new and exciting stage: saying goodbye to your parents’ house and moving into your new home. Sound good?


Advice for successfully leaving home

  1. Draw up a budget.

One of the first things to take into consideration when leaving home is whether you can afford to pay the rent on a property. Testa has the most competitive prices on the property market. Also, as we like to make things easy for you, we give you up to three months of rent if you choose one of our Testa homes.

  1. Think about where you want to live.

Before taking the big step, you should think about where you would like to live. If you fancy living in the heart of a large city like Madrid, close to the centre and with all the capital’s leisure activities and bars, cafés and restaurants to hand, we recommend our  Plaza Castilla, calle Galileo and Méndez Álvaro. developments, one and two bedroom studio flats and flats that are ideal for that first time. However, if you want to begin your new life with less stress on the coast, Hoyo 14, on the San Juan beach in Alicante, could be a good start. It all depends on your job, your family and how you feel here and now. Testa has developments all over Spain depending on what you prefer at each stage of your life.  Remember that the advantage of renting over buying lies precisely in this flexibility: today you are here, tomorrow, who knows?

  1. Assess your needs.

Do you work from home and want to set up your office in the living room? Do you need a diaphanous space full of light? Do you want your first home to be in the centre of the capital so as to have all the services to hand? Then, you will love our new housing development in Francisco Remiro. Beautiful comfortable and functional furnished studio flats in one of Madrid’s most central and lively neighbourhoods.

  1. Furnished or unfurnished?

Another thing to bear in mind when choosing a rental home is whether you would prefer a furnished or an unfurnished flat. Furnished homes are the best option for people without much in the way of savings or who want to move immediately. Testa has a wide range of furnished properties of very different styles that are versatile to adapt them to the tastes and needs of each tenant. If you like retro style, check out our studio flats in Barrio Salamanca. If you prefer an avant-garde and modern studio flat, we recommend our properties in Conde Orgaz.

Would you prefer to create your home from scratch? All our unfurnished properties are recently refurbished, equipped with top quality household appliances and are designed to become spaces with many possibilities.

  1. Seek professional advice.

If you have doubts, put yourself in the hands of the professionals so that everything goes smoothly. At Testa we provide personalised attention so you can find your dream home from among the boundless possibilities. Visit our website at www.testaresidencial.com or call us on 91 203 15 15. We will be delighted to help you.

Enjoy this new stage of your life, there is nothing like change and starting from zero!

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