Your business needs the very best commercial property and we are going to help you find it. Take note!

The type of property you choose and its location will have a direct impact on the development and success of your business. It doesn’t matter if this is your first project or if you are changing location or opening new outlets. You will need to take a number of characteristics into account that will help you to make strategic decisions for your business.

Aspects to take into account when choosing your next commercial property

1. Prioritise locations on a street corner

Commercial properties on a street corner are visible from both streets. This increases the number of people who pass by your business.

Once example is our property in Avda. de Diagonal in the very centre of Barcelona.

2. Opt for commercial areas

Streets that already have other businesses and shops are good places because there is movement of people and business possibilities. Even so, within these it is a good idea to choose the side of the street with more life and movement. Sometimes only one side of the street has movement, so it’s a good idea to carry out some research in the area before deciding.

3. Take parking into account

Although at first glance it may seem the most sensible option, the more central and pedestrian properties are not always the most successful.

Taking into account the profile of your business’ target public, you will have to decide whether they are more likely to want to walk or drive to you, and in the latter case you may decide on a property with more parking possibilities.

4. The social context

If you have first-hand knowledge of your target public, you will need to locate your business in an area where potential clients spend part of their day. For example, if you are going to open a language school, it would be best to locate it in a residential area or near to schools and learning centres.

5. The size of the property

Although the size of the property will depend on the products and the number of people involved in the project, experts always recommend beginning in smaller properties. This means a smaller investment on rent, refurbishment and decoration and will enable you to optimise space.

Be careful, choosing a smaller property doesn’t mean choosing one in which the products have to be piled up or there is insufficient space for people to feel comfortable. Always assess the business’ needs and act in accordance with them.

In Plaza de Castilla (Madrid) we have properties of different sizes and in different locations so you can choose the best for your business.

6. The size of the display window is important

Once you have decided on the location of your next business, you have to choose among the various properties available in the area. One of the factors to bear in mind when taking a decision is the size of the display window. Measurements, layout and good visibility should be key when taking the decision.

Whether you have a clothes shop, a hairdressing salon or a pet shop, choosing a good commercial property will be essential for the future development of your business. As we always recommend, it is important to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each option and choose the one that can offer the most visibility and profitability to your business.

Both if you are sure about what you want for your business or if you need help deciding, you will find the best commercial properties in Spain on our website. Our specialist team will advise you on the advantages and characteristics of what you need, so you only have to worry about bringing your business to life. Don’t think twice, now is the time!07

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