Wood, paint, pictures, photos….the rooms of your home will begin to tell stories when you discover our tips on how to decorate a wall.

Goodbye monotony and sobriety, hello inspiration, trends and decoration!

Continue reading today’s post and check out our ideas for converting an empty wall into a decorative element for your home that is full of personality.

The best ideas for decorating a wall

  • Photographs

This is one of the simplest and most popular options. The reason is obvious; decorating the walls with photos allows for hundreds of combinations. You can choose photos of your family, friends, trips, celebrations or more generic themes. Any time is good to create a wall full of memories together with your loved ones.

For a more personal style in harmony with the decoration of your home, you can choose colour or black and white photos of different sizes either with the same frames or with totally different ones.

If you seek elegance we advise a symmetrical look, both in terms of size and frames. However, if you want a more dynamic wall go for a variety of sizes and positions.

  • All the colours of the rainbow

If you want your wall to be cheerful and lively fill it with colourful elements. Prints and frames are the protagonists of this style that will be the centre of attention.

What’s more, you don’t have to just use prints and photos, you can add small decorative objects such as plants, candles or lamps to create a 3-D effect that adds depth to the wall.

  • Jigsaw puzzles

A highly original option is to choose jigsaw puzzles. Although from a distance they may look like paintings or pictorial works of art, if you look closely you will see they are made up of thousands of pieces; a very original way to combine entertainment and decoration.

Can you imagine the walls of our properties in Manzana Castellana decorated with jigsaw puzzles of the Madrid skyline? Choose your favourite landscape, order it and enjoy your personalised views.

  • Macramé

This is one of the latest trends on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram and it’s no surprise. This style of decorating goes a step beyond two dimensions, opting for three dimensions and depth.

Macramé provides a boho-chic touch to the wall thanks to tapestries made from textiles with raw hues.

  • Lights and neon

If in addition to decoration you want to create a luminous space, you can decorate the walls of your home with different kinds of lights.

The most traditional option, strings of lights, will add small luminous touches in the shape of points of light that can be used on their own or as complements to photos and pictures.

But if you are looking for something innovative and original, why not use neon lights? These luminous signs are perfect for highlighting words or phrases and decorating a wall with just one element.

  • Mirrors

Forget the idea that mirrors are just for the bathroom. Mirrors work very well in other rooms such as the living room or kitchen. They give rooms character and make them seem bigger, increasing the light and providing depth and a sensation of openness such as those in our furnished properties in Conde Orgaz.

  • Vintage posters and prints

This trend, imported directly from the 80s, transforms any wall into a small vintage shrine. Walls decorated with a single element become the real focus of attention of a room (and even more so if they are striking or colourful). Large pieces of work provide timeless authenticity and elegance.

  • Frames

Who said all frames have to have a picture? Using just frames you can create different personal and decorative compositions. The idea is to bring together different designs, sizes and shapes to build a harmonious and very decorative whole.

Have you made a note of all this? With these ideas you will be able to begin to fill your empty walls, giving them style and adapting them to your tastes. Thanks to these compositions, combinations and suggestions you will be able to decorate any wall of your home, keeping its original colour but achieving a very attractive and favourable result.

Would you like more tips? Look out for our next posts in which we will talk about homes, decoration and much more. We await you on www.testaresidencial.com, where we will be delighted to help you to find your perfect rental home.

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