Make your house an ode to summer with our decorating tips.

At last! Summer’s here with many days ahead in which to enjoy the sun, the weather and our homes.

Today we help you to shake up the decoration of your house and make it a fresh, cosy and nice space in which the walls shout summer.

All Testa homes are perfect for creating summery atmospheres. Their recently refurbished interiors offer endless decorating possibilities to create unique ambiences with a fresh look. Shall we start?


The importance of light

The use of light is fundamental for decorating your house for the summer. Clearing the windows by removing patterned curtains and thick blinds will help to create a bright and diaphanous atmosphere, allowing the light to enter the house and fill it with life.  Like our property in Ronda de Segovia, which has a diaphanous atmosphere with light as the protagonist.

A tip: during the summer months use curtains made of linen, a soft and light material that provides privacy but also allows the light to pass more directly.


Lose the rugs

If anything reminds us of winter it is surely rugs. With the arrival of summer it is time to stow them away at the top of the cupboard together with the sofa covers.

In their place we recommend using fresher and more breathable materials to decorate the floors and corners of your house. Textiles such as jute, linen, cotton, nylon and natural fibres make a perfect substitute.


Make natural materials the protagonists of the decorations

Have you seen our room in Boadilla del Monte. Its decoration with wooden and wicker elements combined with white and neutral colours results in a very summery atmosphere.

Natural materials such as raffia, bamboo and wood are the ones that adapt best to summer decoration. They provide lightness, peace and freshness to the rooms and can be used in very different elements, from baskets to lamps, bedside tables and even the headboards of beds.


Plants? Absolutely

We all know that spring is the season of flowers, but the summer too is a perfect time for plants. This time of year demands that each corner of the house exudes nature and life.


The interior will gain life with large plants with green leaves and colourful flowers, providing freshness to each room. If, in addition, you choose flower pots that are white or have cheerful decorative motifs (sailor stripes, mosaics and colours) you will make the summer ambience even stronger.


Bring the summer out on the terrace

Because the summer doesn’t have to be just for the inside, at Testa we have a large variety of properties with terraces at different heights: ground floor flats, attics, etc.; there is room for all models and styles.


Breathe life into your balcony

Although you may think your balcony is small, we assure you it is full of possibilities. Remove all the elements you don’t need, add a pair of garden chairs or armchairs and decorate with your favourite plants and ribbons. Looks different right?


The terrace of your attic a new chill-out space

If you like heights, you’ll love our attics in Madrid, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca. Marvellous homes with views over the whole city and with terraces offering a range of possibilities.

White and blue coloured Mediterranean elements are perfect for attic terraces. Choose small armchairs, cushions with marine patterns and stripes and different points of light to create a cosy atmosphere.


Ground floor flats, the perfect scenario for the summer

In general, ground floor flats have the largest terraces, such as those in Almería, Málaga and Madrid. Their square metres give free rein to all kinds of ideas, from sun loungers to large sun shades, garden tables and sofas where you can sit and chat while the sun goes down.


If you want to be even more adventurous, we recommend trying hammocks and swings. Not only are they decorative elements but they will also become corners of peace and play in your home.

We have no doubt about it, when summer arrives everything changes, even the decoration. That’s why we love it that our homes breathe summer. There is no need to make big changes, just take into account the small details and tricks we have recommended.


With these tips we are sure you will convert your house into a fresh and bright home full of summer spirit.

If you are looking for the perfect house to decorate in a summer style, or in your favourite style, look no further. Testa has thousands of rental properties throughout Spain. Get in touch and together we will find the one that suits you the best.

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