Although autumn officially began over a month ago, it is only now that this season is beginning to make itself felt with a drop in temperature, rain, and fewer hours of daylight. In other words, the cold weather has arrived and we need to protect ourselves from it; not only by wrapping up when we go outside but also inside our rental flat, especially in towns and cities with harsh autumns and winters, whether you live in a small rental flat in Madrid or a large house in the mountains of Castille.

So, it’s time to turn on the heating which will increase the energy consumption of our home and in consequence the size of our energy bill. However, reducing both does not mean doing without the heat that provides us with well-being and health. Saving on heating in your rental home is possible if you follow the tips explained below.


Advice for saving on heating in your rental home


  1. Check the tariff and contracted service capacity
  2. Bleed the radiators
  3. Use the thermostat to control the temperature correctly
  4. Insulate the windows
  5. Use warm clothing: both for the house and for yourself


Check the tariff and contracted service capacity of your energy bill


Both electricity and gas consumers often contract aspects that do not correspond to their requirements in terms of energy consumption, which usually results in an unnecessary increase in the energy bill.

For example, many homes contract a service capacity that is more than they really need in terms of their electricity consumption. And each kw of additional service capacity adds around 35 euros a year to your bill!

Check that gas and electricity tariffs are the ones that are the most suitable for your household routines. Nowadays, a wide range of offers exists from a large variety of power companies. Shop around.


Bleed the radiators to save on heating


Bleeding gas-fired radiators to remove the air should be done at least once a year and it’s best to do this when the cold weather starts. Bubbles of air trapped inside the radiators block the heat and prevent them from providing as much heat as they should.


Controlling the temperature with the thermostat is crucial to saving on heating


Adjusting the temperature in our rental flat to the needs of each time of day is essential. According to the Spanish association of consumers and users (la Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios –  OCU), turning down the thermostat by one degree could reduce the heating bill by 8%, which could represent a saving of between 60 and 100 euros a year. The ideal is no more than 21 ºC during the day and 15ºC at night or when we aren’t at home.


Insulate the windows


According to the Spanish Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE), between 25% and 30% of a home’s heating requirements are due to heat lost through the windows. To prevent this, it is necessary to ensure that the property has appropriate insulation that keeps out the cold. Bear this in mind if you are looking to rent a home. It will allow you to save on heating. In some case, old properties that have not been refurbished present this kind of problem. In this respect, it is advisable to choose relatively new rental homes or ones that have been refurbished.


Save on heating with the right clothing


Although we might not want to admit it, summer is over! It’s time to put away those shorts we wore around the house in summer no matter how comfortable they are. Instead, use warmer clothes and materials.

Your rental home also has to wear the right clothing for the cold. Use rugs, whatever their colour. Eiderdowns, blankets… out of the wardrobe! Keeping your rental home snug and warm is our last piece of advice for saving on heating at home.


We at Testa Residencial, the property company with the biggest stock of rental homes in Spain, hope that by following these tips on saving on heating at home you will increase your comfort and well-being while saving money.

What’s more, our home rental developments make it easier for tenants to achieve both of these things: comfort and savings. Testa Residencial’s rental flats have energy supply installations aimed at optimising consumption. Moreover, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the properties have been refurbished with the correct insulation of windows being a priority. Check out everything our rental flats offer!

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