Soon many of us will return to our daily routines. A routine that from now on may perhaps involve teleworking. Many companies will probably continue with remote working until further notice or even indefinitely. Don’t be caught unprepared!

It’s possible that telecommuting from home will become more common and continue for some time. Whatever happens, why not set up a work space at home? Here are some tips and suggestions for setting up an office in your rented or owned home.

Setting up a work space at home: tricks, tips and suggestions

If you think setting up a work space at home is a great idea but haven’t considered it because you don’t think you have enough room, think again! To paraphrase an old saying “space doesn’t matter”. Here are a number of tips for setting up a work space at home in any kind of room:

How to set up a work space at home when there isn’t much room

  • A standing desk with shelves above it attached to a vertical support. If there is an empty wall between the door frame and the window of the living room, use a small desk with shelves attached to a vertical support that extends beyond the sides of the desk. Everything you need for remote working from home will be to hand in a small corner of the house.
  • A work space in a fitted wardrobe. Do you have a wardrobe that isn’t being used or is full of junk? Make it into your work space! Put in a desk, a chest of drawers, a couple of shelves, and you’re all set!
  • A console table in the hallway. If your hallway is wide enough, a long, narrow console table may be the perfect solution, especially if you live alone and won’t be in anybody’s way while you are teleworking.

How to set up a work space in a larger house

  • Put a desk in a fitted wardrobe. Once again, we invite you to “enter” the wardrobe. If this space is bigger, you can fit in more things. Add shelves, a whiteboard, a corkboard… We recommend using functional, even multi-functional, furniture and fittings.
  • Small items of furniture in a corner of the living room. The bigger the house, the more space corners offer. Don’t ignore them! Light furniture, that takes up little room, is not only useful but also adds a touch of class to the living room. You can boast of having a room with two different ambiences!
  • Put a desk behind the sofa. If your sofa is not up against the wall of your living room use the space between. And if it is, but the lay-out of the room will allow, move the sofa away from the wall! Use this space for a table or desk that is the same length as the back of the sofa.
  • A desk in the bedroom, a childhood classic! Did you use to do your school homework in your bedroom? Revisit your childhood by putting a desk in the bedroom to telework from home. Take note of this advice: it’s a good lesson!

September means back to the daily routine… And if this routine means working from home adapt the space to this new reality. Setting up a work space in your rented or owned home is easy if you follow Testa Residencial’s recommendations.

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