Indoor gardens, the trend for growing your own food at home.

Ecology, healthy eating and growing your own food have entered our lives for good. Concern over eating habits and a greater awareness of the need to create sustainable environments have encouraged people to seek new ways of obtaining fresh and more natural products at home.

Smart indoor gardens are part of this trend. These are small household appliances that promise the same results as traditional gardens but with big advantages; they can be installed indoors and are quick and easy to look after.

Smart indoor gardens have very favourable growing conditions even though they do not receive sunlight. Lighting systems provide the plants with the appropriate level of light for each growth stage. Also, many smart indoor gardens have self-watering systems that provide the water, nutrients and oxygen needed for plant growth.

Variety is the spice of life and these smart indoor gardens allow you to grow different kinds of fresh food from aromatic herbs to different kinds of vegetable.

They are perfect for growing different types of plants and flowers and for assembling a small indoor garden.

Weather won’t be a problem

In just two or three weeks the plants will begin to bear fruit. It depends on what you plant each time, but in general production time is quick, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labour sooner, as the weather conditions will not be a problem.

Utiliza verduras frescas para tus recetas de verano

Another of their advantages lies in their size, any home no matter how small is perfect for installing these small gardens that fit in kitchens and galleries anywhere.

Having your own garden not only provides you with food whenever you need it but also makes a positive contribution to the environment, encouraging healthy eating and reducing purchases of polluting products and non-biodegradable packaging.

For eating and as decoration

Their size and characteristics make indoor gardens a design feature for all households. Can you imagine what this small household appliance would look like in the kitchen of Condesa Venadito?

Enseña a tus hijos el cultivo sostenible con los huertos inteligentes.

Homes of any size can have their own indoor garden; various shapes and sizes are now available on the market depending on the needs of each potential farmer.

If your kitchen is small, don’t worry. The various designs that exist are perfect for other areas of the house such as living rooms and terraces.

Tipos de huertos inteligentes

Smart gardens are the most popular option for all those who want to grow their own food. In addition to the automatic systems mentioned above, they have systems of pods that make it easier to grow the plants and clean the mini-gardens.

There are many benefits to installing an indoor garden in your home; growing your own food and caring for the environment creates a sense of satisfaction, even helping you to relax and reduce stress.  Also, creating small green spaces will give life to your home.

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