Living in style does not mean having to spend a fortune on designer furniture or following the latest trends from home decor magazines. Organising a stylish home takes creativity, good taste and functionality. And it can be exciting – a personal task that expresses who you are. Try out these ideas for organising your home in style.

1 The elegance of simplicity

Minimalism is one design trend that never goes out of style. Simplify your spaces to create an elegant and serene atmosphere. Opt for simple furniture with clean lines and neutral colours that match your personal style. A comfortable sofa and a well chosen coffee table can be the heart of your living room.

In our homes, the elegance of simplicity is apparent in the open plan interiors with an intelligent distribution of space. Clean lines and neutral colours make each room a blank canvas for you to project your personal style.

2 Use space to best effect

In a stylish home, every corner counts. Smart storage solutions such floating shelving, multifunctional furniture and fitted wardrobes are a good option. Not only will they help you keep your space tidy, they can also be decorative features in their own right.

Testa homes are designed with functionality in mind. Built-in wardrobes and additional storage space help you make the most of every foot of space while maintaining a sleek, uncluttered look.

3 Play with lighting

A home can be completely transformed with the right lighting. Try a combination of ambient and accent lighting and floor lamps to create a cosy atmosphere. Dimmable LED lights are ideal for adjusting the brightness to suit the occasion.

In our homes you will find picture windows that let in natural light, creating a bright, inviting atmosphere. You can also customise the lighting to your taste to create the perfect ambience.

4 Personalised art and decoration

You can use art and decoration to stamp your personality on your home. It’s not a matter of filling every corner, but of carefully placing curated pieces that have a special meaning for you. Paintings, sculptures and decorative objects can add character to your spaces.

Testa homes offer a wide range of customisation options, so you can decorate your home to your liking. And the furnished homes offer different styles of decoration, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

5 Combine textures and materials

Combining different textures and materials in your decor can add depth and richness to your spaces. See how comfortably natural materials such as wood or stone can go with soft textiles such as carpets and cushions. This kind of blend creates a warm, cosy atmosphere.

6 Smart zoning

Divide your space into zones to give each area a specific purpose. Use shelves, screens or even carpets to visually set different parts of a room apart for particular activities. This can be especially useful in open spaces.

Some of Testa’s homes feature open plan spaces that can be zoned according to your needs. You can create a dining room, a study area and a reading nook all in the same space.

7 Colours that reflect your personality

Colours play a key role in home decoration. Choose colours that make you feel good and reflect your personality. You can opt for soft, neutral palettes or bold, vibrant colours.

8 Exteriors with Style

Don’t forget the outdoor spaces, if you have them. A well decorated balcony or terrace can become an extension to your home. Comfortable furniture, plants and appropriate lighting can turn it into a cosy space.

Our homes have balconies or terraces that can become a personal outdoor oasis. You can enjoy the fine weather and the peace and quiet in your own outdoor space.

9 Keeping things tidy

Organising is key to a stylish home. Tidy up, get rid of what you do not need, and store everyday items in designated places. A space that is clean and tidy is already starting to look stylish.

10 Plants and nature

Plants and natural elements bring life and freshness into your home. Keep houseplants to improve air quality and create a relaxed atmosphere. Also, fresh flowers can brighten up any space.

In our residential complexes, you will find interior gardens and communal green spaces where you can enjoy nature in the city.

Creating a stylish home is not just about following trends, but about building a space that reflects your personality and makes you feel good. Testa homes provide the perfect basis for unleashing your creativity and personal style. Find out how you can make your home a genuinely stylish and functional place!

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