Fill your home with nature, complement your decor and create a mood in perfect harmony with the new season.

Having a small bit of nature in our home can help us in such simple ways as feeling happier. Tending to plants is very therapeutic; watering them, fertilizing them, watching them grow and incorporating them into your decorations will help you to give a personal and natural touch to each room.

What are the benefits of having plants in the house?

  • They reduce stress

Having plants indoors promotes peace, tranquillity and serenity. They are relaxing stimulants that help to increase the level of concentration and so improve creativity and productivity.

  • They clean the air of our home

A big benefit of indoor plants is that, thanks to their ability to carry out photosynthesis, they clean the air inside houses by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transforming it into oxygen.

  • They reduce static electricity

You may not know this, but increasing the humidity in the atmosphere helps reduce static electricity in the home as this increases in dry conditions.

In cities with low humidity like Madrid, indoor plants are the perfect complement for the winter when heating systems are widely in use.

The perfect location for this kind of plants are places such as our properties in Paseo de Dirección (Madrid). These have spacious living rooms with large picture windows through which the light required for their care and growth can enter.

Choosing the plants for a home is not just a matter of aesthetics. There are factors that need to be taken into account during this process of selection, installation and decoration in order to obtain all the benefits mentioned above, such as the natural light of the property, the site of installation, the outdoor temperature, etc.

What are the best indoor plants and the best rooms in which to place them?

  • Dark living rooms

 If your living room doesn’t get much light and faces north, it is a good idea to choose plants that need little light and are able to withstand cold temperatures.

Ferns, known commonly as Sword or Boston ferns, are an ideal choice and are very popular in homes throughout the world as they are tough plants that are easy to look after.

Ferns need to be in a dark place with no direct sunlight and where the temperature is not too high. Also, it’s much better if they are away from drafts. The best way to water them is by inundation, placing a plate below the pot to catch the drops of excess water.

Our flats in Rua Garda in La Coruña are perfect for this kind of plant. Although the city has a damp climate, the weather is usually rainy and foggy, so including this kind of plant in your living room can provide a touch of life and freshness to the house.

  • Living rooms with light but with cold temperatures outside

 If your living room receives direct sunlight but the outside temperature is cold, we recommend a Jade plant. This is one of the best known plants in the world and withstands drought very well, although it needs misting from time to time. It can reach up to two metres in height.

Our properties in Calle Río Estenilla, in Toledo, have bright rooms that are suitable for this kind of plant that is used to cold but sunny climates.

  • Plants for warm living rooms with direct sunlight

The Areca Palm, also known as the Butterfly or Living Room Palm, is the most suitable plant for large spaces as its very name suggests.

This plant can reach one metre in height if well cared for and grows much better if it is placed in an illuminated spot but one without direct sunlight and at a minimum temperature of 10ºC.

These plants are also greatly appreciated for their ability to eliminate toxins from the air and so are one of the best indoor plants you can have at home and much more so in the winter.

Our properties in Médico Francisco in Almeria are the perfect choice for this kind of plant given the climate and the location of this development.

Finally, there are the most versatile plants, perfect for indoors in the winter and for spicing up terraces in the summer. Succulent plants such as cacti adapt to any decorative space, acting as both indoor and outdoor plants.

This kind of plant is ideal for homes such as those in Mirasierra in Madrid, with spacious rooms to decorate in the winter and terraces for the plants in the summer.

Indoor plants totally transform any space, giving the home a rich decorative potential. What’s more, being surrounded by living nature is a total plus for our health.

We have given you some tips so you can begin to explore the world of indoor gardening. The winter is a good season for entering this world and for discovering everything that plants can do for the decoration of your home and for you.

On our website you will find different types of home designed for each kind of person. Discover more and find what you are looking for with Testa.

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