Today we give you 10 tips for keeping your house cool in the summer and getting the most out of every day. Let’s create a fresh feel! 

Summer’s here and at Testa we know that to enjoy your house to the full it is essential to have it prepared, ventilated and cool in order to have a great time in it.


  1. Protect the house during the hottest part of the day

It’s time to start to live like a vampire. Lower the blinds completely and draw the curtains to stop the sunlight from entering the rooms and making them hot.

This is sound advice for properties such as those in Inca (Balearic Islands), that have large picture windows. Lowering the blinds during the hottest part of the day prevents the heat from entering the house, keeping it cool. Dark but cool.


  1. Ventilate

It is the perfect time of year to take advantage of any breath of fresh air. It’s a good idea to ventilate the rooms during the coolest part of the day, such as first thing in the morning or at night, to keep the house cool. Opening doors and windows will create draughts that will help the air to spread throughout the house.

If your home has a good orientation, such as these in Villanueva de la Cañada, cross ventilation will ventilate the rooms sooner and so cool them more quickly.


  1. Use household appliances at night

So as not to generate heat inside the house, it’s a good idea to use household appliances such as the oven, the vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher, curling tongs, the hair dryer or the iron, when it is less hot. Now you know, the best time to cook, do yourself up and clean the house is at night, so get ready to become a little more nocturnal.

If your kitchen has large windows, such as these in Las Rozas, use them for ventilation while you are using the oven and the dishwasher to stop the heat building up in this space.



  1. Turn off electronic devices

If in addition to these large household appliances, you have other electronic devices turned on, it’s a good idea to turn them off. Did you know that TVs and computers give off heat when turned on? So if you have finished binge-watching your latest favourite series or have finished teleworking, don’t forget to turn off your laptop.


  1. Use the right light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are a source of heat. Using energy saving light bulbs or LEDs will prevent rooms getting hotter and also help make your home more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. A genuine 2×1.

Testa properties use energy saving light bulbs that not only reduce heat but also help and protect the environment.


  1. Don’t generate humidity

Actions and activities that generate humidity result in a feeling of stickiness and more heat in the house. Not washing clothes in hot water or hanging them out to dry in the courtyard or on the terrace will prevent these situations.

The terraces of our developments at Las Tablas and San Jorge are perfect for this. Their large size and lay-out makes it possible to have an area just for clothes, whilst the rest of the space is free.

  1. Reduce the temperatures

If your home has water heaters, boilers or water temperature controllers, you can reduce the temperature of these to generate less heat and humidity when using the hot water.


  1. Ventilate the bathroom well

When talking about humidity, we also have to mention that generated in the bathroom. Hot showers lead to condensation resulting in a feeling of stickiness. Ensure good ventilation through windows, grills or air ducts.

If you like to sing long concertos in the shower, in summer it’s time to change to short songs or refrains, and to sing outside the shower 😉


  1. Use the air conditioning correctly

Carrying out maintenance on the air conditioning will make it work better and ensure the cold air flows optimally. Check the filters each year and make sure they are clean.

Also, when you use the air conditioning make sure all the doors and windows are shut so the cold air reaches everywhere and does not escape through gaps or cracks.


  1. Decorate with plants

Placing plants in different spaces helps to absorb humidity and cool the house down.

However, it’s not about creating a jungle in the living room but of placing small plants in strategic corners to achieve a sensation of freshness.

Have you made a note of all this? With these tips you will not only have a cool house but will also be able to make the most of every moment you live in it this summer.

Remember that we are here to help you with all you need, and in addition to the best tips for staying cool, we also have the largest catalogue of properties in Spain so you can quickly find everything you are looking for in a home.

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