Forget about buying and discover the benefits of renting a commercial property

A florist’s, a hairdresser’s, a veterinary clinic, a cafeteria… what do you think of when you imagine these businesses? Their establishments, the premises that house them and give them form.

Most services sector companies need to rent a commercial property, a place to call their physical home, headquarters or business, without necessarily having to own it.

Having a rented commercial property is full of advantages and benefits that will not only help you to breathe life into your idea, but also help you to give shape to your project and will become a meeting place for clients and companies.

These are the five definitive reasons for renting a commercial property

  • More accessible investment

If you are just starting out, you want to enlarge your business or you are looking to widen your sphere of action, it is a good idea to set aside certain investment costs for new business premises. Renting a work space offers the same advantages as buying one, at much lower risk.

Renting makes various aspects available to bear in mind without having to take on significant financial commitments, unlike buying your own property.

  • Less risk

In line with the above, owners of commercial property encounter more obstacles when expanding and changing location. However, renters find it much easier to move or change to larger premises or ones located in other neighbourhood or city.

Renting a commercial property is a flexible option that allows you to make quick changes depending on your needs and those of your business.

  • Greater flexibility

Your needs and those of your business will change constantly over time. If your business grows you will need a bigger property. If it expands you may need various different locations and if you change the services you offer you might decide a change of establishment is required with different characteristics located closer to your target public.

Renting a commercial property not only gives you more flexibility but also makes it easier to transfer your company somewhere else and have various strategic options or locations in which to bring your business to life.

  • More opportunities to reach your public

As we have seen, renting instead of buying a commercial property is beneficial in many ways, but it also allows you to focus on what is most important, as with the money you save on the acquisition of a property you can have a modern and attractive business located in the area that most interests you, with funds freed up to use in other areas of your business. Product development, personnel hiring, advertising and marketing, you decide how to invest your earnings and what shape to give your business, and we will take care of renting your commercial property.

At Testa we have a large range of commercial properties for rent. Located in the best areas of Spain, you will be able to quickly and easily rent the property that is best suited to the needs of your business. Open-plan spaces, large store fronts, multi-use options, unbeatable locations…you decide on the conditions and we will make them a reality. Because we know what really matters is your business and your desire to make it a reality.

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