Don’t be lazy and include the best exercise routines in your daily life with our selection of workout apps.

Admit it, in recent months your home has become your office, favourite restaurant, cinema, games room and even gymnasium. If you’re as much of a home lover as we are, we are not surprised that your house is your sanctuary, and that you want to do as many activities in it as possible, including exercise.

At Testa we aren’t just concerned about homes but also about the life that goes on inside them and so today we bring you the best apps for working out and making your home a place of health, exercise and wellness.

This app bases its workouts on high-intensity interval training and is perfect for those looking for intense exercise in a short period of time. It includes 12 exercises, divided into categories, to be done in 30 seconds with a 10-second break between each.

Its very name makes clear the target of this application: working out at home without the need for special equipment. Using the weight of the body as the main tool, the Home Workout exercises have different types of workout routine to train the principal muscle groups of the body. It also includes warm-up and training exercises.

Ejercicios Caseros is the perfect app for the absent-minded. Its functions include the programming of workouts by alarm, an infallible remedy for forgetfulness and laziness. It has guides with examples and tutorials on how to do each exercise and an option to create personalised routines.

This app is one of the most famous on the market. Fitbit, the brand known the world over for its sport and exercise wristbands, joins the ranking of workout apps with its own formula. Its digital tool aims to act as a personal trainer, planning workout routines that last from 7 minutes to 1 hour.

Continuing with personal trainers, we come to Sworkit, a subscription app with different kinds of exercises. From high-intensity and strength to low-impact workouts for older people and beginners.

Exercises are divided into categories: strength, stretching and even yoga.

We conclude our selection of workout apps with the most famous one in the world. SWEAT is the number one fitness app in the world. Created by Kayla Itnes, a home workout guru, its workouts are based on the so-called Bikini Body Guide, high-intensity plyometric exercises done with minimal equipment.

This is the most complete app on the market, it has tutorials, personalised training programmes and different intensity options for all kinds of users.

With these apps you can leave laziness behind and turn your house into an area of health, wellness and exercise. Whether in Almería, Asturias, Valencia or the Balearic Islands, all our homes will become your private gym.

If, however, these apps aren’t enough for you, don’t worry! Some of our homes, such as those in Francisco Remiro, Las Rozas, Carabanchel and Arroyo de la Encomienda, have gyms and sports facilities in their communal areas so you can complete your workouts.

With this selection of apps for working out at home, bad weather or a lack of time are no longer excuses for not including exercise in your routine and home.

Visit our website and you will find a large variety of homes where you can work out, share your daily life and have fun with the family. We will help you throughout the renting process. Find out more!

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