Being in touch with nature, having spaces where you can breathe fresh air or feel the sun’s rays on your face—without having to leave your home. There are so many advantages to living in a home with green landscaped areas. Let’s talk about them.

Having communal gardens and spaces for outdoor activities and leisure is a big plus when it comes to choosing a home.

More and more people are looking for homes with ample outdoor spaces where they can be in the open air and close to nature.

What are the benefits of living in a home with communal gardens?

  • Lower ambient temperatures

Buildings and residential developments that have communal green spaces also have less asphalt, which helps keep temperatures down.

The large gardens in our Mirasierra complex are the perfect ecosystem for regulating temperature. Green areas protect against winter frosts and the heat of the sun beating on concrete during the summer.

  • Outdoor relaxation with family and friends

Having gardens on your doorstep means you can spend more time with your family outside your home. The gardens can also be a venue for meet-ups and gatherings with friends, visitors or neighbours.

  • Gardens are great for games, sport and children’s activities

If you love roller skating, walking or playing ball with your children, the paths and gardens of your home give you somewhere to do it. They’re ideal for children and adults alike, providing endless opportunities for leisure, relaxation and fun.

Routine, time pressure and the pace of city life are the main reasons people find it impossible to exercise or walk every day. Having spaces specially set aside for all these activities makes it so much easier. There are no excuses anymore! Any time of day will be a good time to exercise—without having to leave your home.

Children will soon find out how to get the most out of these spaces by using them for games and exploring every corner, as in our Son Serra homes.

  • An extra space for pets

As we’ve said in other posts, some of our homes are pet-friendly, so having green areas is an extra benefit for pets, as they can be taken out for walks close to home.

  • Gardens add value to a property

Homes in residential complexes or buildings with communal landscaped areas are valued more highly. Having green space nearby adds value to a home and is something tenants are increasingly looking for in a property.

  • More privacy

In large cities, privacy is crucial. Public parks and gardens usually attract hordes of visitors, whereas your own communal gardens are more sheltered and secluded. So you can enjoy the sunny days and fresh air without having to share the space.

Imagine spending your Sundays in our La Rioja gardens in Villanueva de la Cañada. Spaces to unwind, relax, read or have long conversations while enjoying the spring weather.

Garden areas offer all the possibilities you can imagine and more. Even in urban environments it’s possible to have gardens and parks just a few yards from your front door. If you’re looking for a home that has everything, a place you can enjoy with your family, while making the most of the green spaces, contact us! We’ll help you find your rental home.

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