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Summer is the season that invites us to enjoy the outdoors, sunshine and special moments with family and friends. While the beach, holiday travel and visits to hometowns are the main attraction these days, when we are at home, the communal areas in our condominiums can become our preferred spot for making the most of this time of year.

At Testa, we understand the importance of having shared areas that foster wellness and social harmony. That is why our homes are designed with exceptional, varied and utterly modern communal areas.

We can tell you how to enjoy them to the maximum with different activities and why they are so special.

Swimming Pools — Oases of Cool Fun

One of the most attractive features of common areas in summer are swimming pools. These oases of refreshing fun become the perfect spot to cool off and enjoy our sunniest days. Be it a dip in the water, sunbathing on a chaise lounge chair or simply chilling out poolside, the pools in our homes are ideal for enjoying those revivifying moments with friends and family.

In addition to swimming and splashing around, pools give us the opportunity to organise aquatic sports such as aqua aerobics or water games for the children. These activities are more than fun — they also foster social interaction and strengthen bonds between neighbours. Imagine the joy of our littlest ones playing in the water while the adults enjoy relaxing poolside conversations.

Sports Areas for an Active Summer

Summer is the ideal time for outdoor sports and the common areas have sports facilities that allow you to enjoy those activities without having to leave your residential complex. If you like tennis, basketball, football or any other sport, these facilities are perfect for keeping active in the summer and staying fit while you enjoy the summery weather.

In addition to practicing sports, these areas are ideal for organising tournaments and friendly matches with your neighbours. Imagine the excitement of taking part in a paddle tennis tournament with your friends or teaming up with them in a football match. These sporting activities nurture team spirit, healthy competition and good relations among residents.

Children’s Areas and Parks

These areas are perfect for toddlers and young children to play, have fun and develop. Let the fun begin!

These play areas are especially important in the summer when children have more free time and need outdoor activities to release their energy and stimulate their creativity. In addition to entertainment, these parks offer shaded and game areas with water fountains where children can cool off while enjoying the heat.

A very entertaining, safe and risk free option for vacation days.

Gardens and Rest Areas — A Natural Refuge

The communal areas of our homes also have gardens and rest areas, a natural refuge during the summer months. They are carefully designed to offer a relaxed, quiet setting where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and escape from the hubbub of city life.

Imagine picking up a book and chilling out in a nice hammock in the shade of a tree, surrounded by exuberant vegetation and birdsong. These gardens and rest areas are perfect for enjoying moments of peace and tranquillity, meditating, reading or simply disconnecting from daily stress. They are also ideal for socialising, organising picnics and even doing yoga outdoors. The connection with nature offered by gardens and leisure areas is priceless and allows you to recharge your batteries and regain balance during the summer months.

How to Take Advantage of Testa Residencial Communal Areas in Summer

Using the community areas of our home during the summer delivers various benefits. Not only do those areas give you the opportunity to enjoy recreational and leisure activities, but they also nurture good relations among neighbours, companionship and social interaction. Those benefits are fivefold:

  • Improved quality of life. Access to well-designed and well-equipped common areas enhances quality of life by offering areas where residents can relax and enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Community areas are meeting places where you can know your neighbours, forge friendships and deepen existing bonds. Shared activities and leisure time contribute to creating tighter-knit communities.
  • Promotion of physical and mental well-being. Outdoor activities and sports are essential for keeping fit and taking care of our physical and mental health. Take advantage of the opportunities your common areas afford you to stay physically active, enjoy nature and disconnect from daily stress.
  • Savings in time and money. Having access to swimming pools, rest areas, gardens and sports facilities within your own residential complex will save you the time and money you would otherwise have to spend on fees and trips to other leisure locations.
  • Convenience and safety. The design of our communal areas puts a premium on convenience and safety. You can enjoy outdoor activities without having to leave your home and feel safe and protected in a secure, controlled environment.

Common areas are an excellent way to enjoy an active, healthy and enriching lifestyle, all the more in summer, when they offer a wide array of leisure opportunities for all ages. Do not pass up on this opportunity and enjoy your time at home during the summer to the utmost.

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