We analyse the pros and cons of living in the centre or in the outskirts and help you to choose among our selection of properties. Let’s get started!


Peace and quiet or hustle and bustle? Proximity or space? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, today we will help you to resolve them. At Testa, we know that location is a decisive factor when choosing a new rental home, but this is also a factor that varies depending on the stages of life and the tastes of each person.


In principle, young people prefer to live in the city centre, with cultural, employment and leisure opportunities to hand, while families opt for more peaceful residential neighbourhoods and properties located in the outskirts. Each location, like everything in life, has its advantages and also its inconveniences, so all the circumstances need to be carefully assessed before choosing the perfect home.


  • Living in the city centre


Properties located in the city centres usually have access to an abundant supply of employment, cultural and leisure opportunities: theatres, cinemas, restaurants, shops, etc. They are well connected thanks to public transport, representing a very accessible option for those people who prefer to do without a car and want to have all the amenities close to home.


In the city centres there is a large supply of flats and large buildings offering a host of possibilities to all self-professed lovers of the city centre and those who feel attracted to it.


Our studio flats in Francisco Remiro, are one of our favourite options for living in the centre. Furnished or unfurnished, they offer a cosy, comfortable and affordable space for all those who want to live in the heart of the Barrio Salamanca in Madrid.


Families can also find a home in the centre in buildings such as the one located in Tomás López; recently refurbished furnished homes that are perfect for small or large families seeking proximity to schools, health centres and leisure facilities.


If you thought all the large residential developments were in the city’s outskirts, think again and get to know those in Conde de Orgaz. Diverse residential housing units located in Las Huertas, Los Olivos and Las Encinas that combine the best of living in the centre of Madrid (proximity to all the services) with the best of living in the outskirts (large spaces, large communal areas and a host of amenities in a safe and very peaceful area).

Our city centre properties in Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca and A Coruña are also a magnificent choice for those who prefer this option for living.


We are sure that with these homes that we offer you the city centre will begin to attract your attention and that if you liked it before, you will like it even more now.


  • Living in the outskirts


The outskirts of cities are more peaceful, the lifestyle is calmer and there are more open areas with parks and fields to enjoy with the family or in which to exercise. Compared to the city centre, there is less pollution, the air is cleaner and it is quieter.


If you like what you hear, you will find a home in places such as Las Tablas, Móstoles, Torrelodones and Pinto in Madrid.


Our rental properties located in residential developments in the outskirts have a wide variety of communal areas, swimming pools, gardens, sports facilities, etc. They offer a large choice of options for everybody to enjoy without leaving home.


In the outskirts of Valencia is Aldaia, a very peaceful neighbourhood that is well connected with the train station and that offers families an affordable option with a host of possibilities for starting a peaceful new life. Would you like to see it?


In Almería, the properties in Médico Francisco are perfect for those seeking to relax in the outskirts of this beautiful city. Various rental options are available in a premium building, with renovated communal areas and close to restaurants, shops, parks and hospitals in the Torre Cárdenas area.


Endless walks in the gardens, games with the kids, activities in the open air; homes in the outskirts provide a host of benefits for those seeking quiet and privacy.


Living in the centre or in the outskirts: a matter of preference.


People’s tastes and needs change according to the stage of their lives they find themselves in, so there will always be those who love the city centres while others will be staunch defenders of life in the outskirts. Which do you prefer?


Testa has the biggest catalogue of rental properties in the whole of Spain so that either in the city centre or in the outskirts you can find the ideal home in which to start a new stage of your life.

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