From Spain to Germany, via France and Austria let’s take a trip around Europe’s prettiest Christmas markets.

With Christmas just around the corner, one of our favourite activities is back, visiting Christmas markets. Lights, decorations, hot chocolate…let’s find out what they have to offer.

Christmas markets date from the 16th century and started as an excuse for people to meet up in a cosy place at the start of winter.

Germany, Austria and France are the countries with the greatest tradition when it comes to Christmas markets, but over time this practice has spread to the rest of Europe, even reaching Spain, where we love to spend time visiting them with the family or our closest friends.

Would you like to know our favourite markets in Europe? Read on for further details.

The markets of Berlin

Berlin is full of Christmas markets in its streets, squares and boulevards during the holidays, but the one in front of the Charlottenburg palace is the most popular due to its location. With the castle as a backdrop, it is one of the most beautiful markets in Europe. It begins on November 26 and ends on December 26.

The Munich market

The Munich Christmas market is one of the oldest, it is known as the Christkindlmarkt and has been held since 1642 in Marienzplatz. It is famous for its incredible Christmas tree with over 3,000 light bulbs. Just the scenery of its location is sure to make visitors’ jaws drop. This market is open from November 21 to December 24.

The Christmas touch of Budapest

The Budapest Christmas market begins in the last week of November. The city centre is full of lights and Christmas themes that turn the city into a winter wonderland and makes it even more charming than usual if possible.

The largest and liveliest market is in Vörösmarty square, although next to the basilica of San Esteban there is an ice rink with a huge Christmas tree in the middle. This scene is one of the most photographed each Christmas.

The City of Light hangs Christmas lights in its markets

Paris is also full of markets over the Christmas period. The most popular is the one that is held in the Champ-de-Mars, and it’s no wonder as it has one of the most beautiful views in all Paris. Located right in front of the Eiffel Tower, this market has over 100 stalls with craft produce and typical food, in addition to a huge ice rink. Could you ask for more?

The City of Light becomes the “city of lights” at Christmas.

The charm of Spanish Christmas markets

And finally, but no less importantly, we return to Spain to get to know one of the most traditional Christmas markets in this country. And that’s the market in the Plaza Mayor that without doubt is Madrid’s most famous Christmas market.

Located in the very heart of the historical city centre, this market began to be held over 150 years ago. Easily recognizable by its red stalls, you can find everything from traditional Christmas confectionery to handmade figurines for nativity scenes and even joke items for the kids.

Admit it, you too are eager to visit all these Christmas markets and we are not surprised. They are the best way to enjoy your free time at a time of year full of magic, in which to spend time with family and friends.

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