Look beyond comfort, go for design and embellish your living room with a fashionable sofa.

Many decorators and internal designers see the sofa as the centre piece of any self-respecting living room. So, today we are going to discover the season’s trends in sofas, those that give a fashionable touch to our home.

It’s a fact that the sofa is the epicentre of any living room. We spend most of our free time on it, enjoying long chats and binge-watching our favourite series. So it’s no surprise that the sofa is the star of the world of decoration and interior design.

In fact, together with a bed and TV, the first thing anyone buys when they move house is a sofa. We know that many of you are about to choose new furniture and decide on the decor, so we want to share with you the trending sofas that will give a touch of distinction to your living room.

Nordic sofas

Scandinavian decor is all the rage, as it is a style that is not only timeless, but also practical and comfortable and uses neutral colours that combine well with everything.

They are easy to spot as they are usually minimalist but with wooden touches, especially in the legs. A couple of seasons ago straight lines were in vogue, but now curved shapes are more the trend, giving that homely and warm touch.


These sofas are very versatile and by moving a couple of seat cushions can be converted into a bed for guests. They are usually placed directly against a wall and the cushions, that serve as a back rest, can be moved according to the tastes or needs of each moment.

This kind of sofa is perfect for people with a more laid-back lifestyle and, unlike the Nordic style, have clearly defined straight lines that look great with splashes of colour.


It’s a fact that you can never go wrong with a classic sofa but if you want to give it a modern touch, the ideal solution is to choose a classic sofa in natural shades and provide the chic touch with the rest of the decor.

These sofas always have wider arms and more solid frames. They can be one-piece or modular that allows you to add modules as the family grows and also opt for a corner version as shown in the photo.

At Testa we also follow the latest trends in sofas, including them in our furnished properties such as those in Francisco Remiro, where a classic sofa complements the vintage style decor used.

Or in Las Huertas en Conde Orgaz, where large sofas with straight lines and a corner design are the centrepieces of the living rooms. Who wouldn’t want to relax here after a hard day’s work?

As you can see, the season’s trending sofas adapt to all tastes and styles, as do our homes, perfect for any lifestyle and budget. If you are looking for a new home we recommend you visit our selection of properties, where we are sure you will find the perfect one for you.

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