Use your home to the best advantage. Benefit from each nook and cranny, increase the possibilities of each piece of furniture and gain space.

Flats and small houses need two basic components: space and organisation. It is essential to learn to use each square metre and corner, creating new storage areas and harnessing the resources and the decoration.

This is why we have brought together the best storage ideas for small flats. Take note!

Start with the living room

The living room is the heart of the home. The room where gatherings, afternoon film-watching and endless conversations take place. In this room small objects tend to accumulate that often do not have a specific location which means they are always being moved from one place to another.

The storage solutions for this room range from bookcases, shelves and furniture to small accessories such as magazine racks, baskets and hanging storage systems such as those, for example, that can be hung from the sofa, using the arms and back for support. Hanging storage solutions made of cloth keep your small items such as the TV and air conditioning remote controls, books and even electronic devices organised.

Imagine living in Maestro Rodrigo (Valencia), homes with large living rooms where you can play with thousands of combinations that bring together storage and decoration ideas. Which furniture will you choose?

Did you think you knew all the tricks when it comes to shelving units? Think again. Although shelving units have always been used to store different objects, in small flats they can also be used as separating walls. Separating spaces with shelving units instead of walls achieves a more spacious effect and is a storage solution.

This idea is perfect for studio flats such as those in Francisco Remiro, homes that are perfect for singletons or couples that want to have difference spaces in the same place.

Cupboards? Yes. Fitted? Even better!

Fitted cupboards are the best option for taking advantage of the structure of each house. They adapt to the nooks and crannies of each room to create spaces in which to store all kinds of things.

A word of advice, if you want to take even more advantage of fitted cupboards, install them in areas where they are not usually found, such as high up or behind doors, in that way you will change the “blind spots” of your house for usable spaces.

In our homes in Torrente Ballester in Valladolid, the rooms have fitted cupboards with a double layout comprising large doors and small spaces in the highest part of the room that means this space is available without the need for work or refurbishment.

If you have stairs, you have storage

Nowadays staircases have become much more than a means of access. They are a hidden storage space that includes the sides of the stairs and the landings.

If you have lateral space in your house, you could install small drawers inside the stairs, if this is not an option, you could also create storage areas at the back of the landings.

Remember that before continuing it is very important to realise that any space no matter how small can be used better.

A home with stairs? Sure! In our properties in Conde Orgaz you will find the best two-storey houses for all those who are thinking about how to bring their staircases to life.

A kitchen has hundreds of possibilities

Forget the typical kitchen areas of drawers and cupboards. There are an ever-increasing number of furniture options that include diagonal drawers, lateral ones that expand and shelves that can be pulled out to make the most of the backs of cupboards and compartments to use their full potential.

In the bedroom, elevated beds

One of the latest trends in decor and storage is elevated beds. This kind of structure, that simulates a box, uses the room between the mattress and the floor as a storage space. Who hasn’t dreamt of having their own dressing room at the foot of the bed?

Multi-purpose furniture, an option appropriate for all

As a complement and culmination to our storage ideas we want to talk about multi-purpose furniture, an accessible option that does not require work to be done and is without doubt a must in storage ideas.

This includes sofas with space under the cushions, convertible tables and hollow pouffes. Multi-purpose furniture is the perfect solution for all those who want decoration but don’t want to forego space.

In our furnished and unfurnished properties, such as the ones available in Tomás López, in Madrid, multi-purpose furniture will find a place and not just to give a personal touch to your decoration but also to make it useful.

Long benches, seats with chests, etc. anything goes in the world of storage. In your flat you make the rules.

Although small spaces may seem a challenge, there are effective solutions for making the most of these that not only offer storage solutions but also over time improve quality of life.

Find the home you need, be it large or small, and furnish it to your taste taking advantage of each corner of our homes. Enter and discover all the options we have for you.

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