Your new ally for organising and decorating your home, find out about dual-purpose furniture.

Dual-purpose furniture will become your favourite and not just if you have a small flat. It is perfect for creating space and allows you to make the most of any room while its versatility makes it the perfect choice for any part of your home.

It’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t see. Dual-purpose furniture is ideal for gaining space in any room: the living room, the bedrooms, the kitchen and the bathrooms. There is a wide variety for each room. Its appearance and use vary according to the circumstances and it is perfect for decorating and being of use.

This is our selection of dual-purpose furniture for all rooms. 

A classic that never fails: the sofa-bed

This is the dual-purpose furniture par excellence. The perfect choice for enjoying time in your living room while also having an extra bed when your guests need it.

Sofa beds really come into their own in studio flats; these open-plan homes include them to transform the space in seconds.

There is a large variety of sofa beds that are not just practical but also very comfortable and stylish and that can adapt to any kind of decoration.

Divan bed bases

We jump directly from sofa beds to divan bed bases. This is an option that makes the bed the king of storage. This piece of furniture fits all kinds of decorative styles, whether it is individual or double. Its capacity frees up space and results in uncluttered atmospheres but with a lot of space.

Furniture with extra capacity

If we are talking about creating space and multiplying storage options, we need to mention dual-purpose tables, shelving and headboards. These pieces of furniture, mainly designed for decorating rooms, have become some of the most popular storage options.

There is a wide variety of options, from coffee tables with compartments for blankets or magazine holders to those that have foldaway seats or panels that can be raised for use as a dining table.

Nesting tables are the most sought-after for the living room. These fit one inside the other and offer solutions depending on the needs. They are an auxiliary table option that takes up next to no space and can always help with any unexpected situation, both in the living room and in the other rooms.

Folding desks

Multi-tasking has undoubtedly invaded our homes in recent months; the need to convert leisure spaces into places in which to work or study has increased the demand for desks with shelving and desks that can be folded away.

Folding desks and shelving used as work spaces are a very versatile option. They can be adapted to the available space and give furniture a new use.

Seats with hidden compartments, corner shelving, hidden drawers, etc., multi-purpose furniture offers a large variety of options for the home and is perfect for smaller spaces or homes with fewer metres such as studio flats.

Dual-purpose furniture and studio flats are the perfect combination for all those people who are looking to become independent and don’t need a large home. Cosy and fully equipped, our studio flats are the ideal space for singles or couples looking for a comfortable home that meets all their needs.

We also have various furnished options, such as our studio flats in Francisco Remiro, so you can move in quickly.

When choosing dual-purpose furniture ingenuity, design and creativity are essential. In this way you will find the best option for your space, from beds to trunks and coat racks. And if what you want is a new space where you can breathe life into each corner, visit our website and find out about all our available homes.

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