Today we analyse in detail the differences between open and closed kitchens. Which do you prefer?

One of the decisions that divides the world into two halves is whether to have an open or closed kitchen. When looking for a new home or carrying out refurbishments it is important to bear this aspect in mind.

At Testa we have a wide range of homes and possibilities. From studio flats with open kitchens to large properties with both options so you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Today we are going to examine in detail one of our favourite parts of the house and what these two kinds of kitchen can bring to a home.

Open kitchens: space and connectivity

Doing away with both dividing walls and doors makes both the kitchen and living room more spacious and in 95% of houses these two areas share a single space.

Open kitchens favour communal life and communication among the occupants of a house.

Getting rid of the walls of the kitchen enhances communication among the inhabitants of the house, who can share special moments whilst each person is in a different space.

Another aspect to take into account is the light. The kitchen and rooms such as the dining room or living room will be brighter because the light can travel more freely around the house and a more efficient use can be made of it.

The light of an open kitchen creates a more comfortable and cozier space.

Regardless of the style of the kitchen, be it rustic, modern, industrial or minimalist, the fact that this is connected to the dining room makes it easier to prepare and serve meals.

With no architectural barriers, mobility between spaces is more fluid and time is saved in preparing food and tidying up after meals.

Often, small or interior kitchens do not have windows. Opening them up to a larger room generates currents and favours the circulation of the air.

Would you like to see examples of open kitchens? You will find them in our large selection of rental properties, such as San Jorge in Seville, Francisco Remiro in Madrid and the 1 and 2 bedroom studio flats and properties in el Paseo de la Castellana.

Closed kitchens: privacy and functionality

Closed kitchens are the perfect space for people who like to cook. On crossing the threshold, they will find a space designed exclusively to allow them to unleash their culinary abilities and create moments around food, such as in this newly refurbished property in Conde Orgaz.

This kind of kitchen grants privacy, not only giving the cook and diners freedom at certain times but also allowing a “different order” from the rest of the house, without directly intervening in its general aspect.

Also, this independence multiplies the decorating options, that unlike open kitchens can be independent of the dining or living room and not disrupt the general decoration of the property.

Closed kitchens prevent noise and smells reaching the other rooms of the house, allowing other activities such as working, studying or watching TV to be carried out.

You will find closed kitchens in our 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties in Maestro Rodrigo (Valencia), Chano Piñeiro (Ourense) or Pedro de la Gasca (Valladolid), in addition to in many other cities throughout Spain.

If you’re still not sure about which kind of kitchen suits you better, we have another proposal: semi-open kitchens. This intermediate solution allows you to enjoy the light and space but with limits in the shape of transparent walls and separations.

Kitchens to suit every taste. Now you know all that open, closed and semi-open kitchens can contribute to your home, it’s time to decide on one of them. Remember that in all our properties you can find fully equipped and refurbished kitchens ready for rent today.

Just visit our website at, call us on 91 203 15 15 or contact us via social media to rent your new home quickly, simply and effectively. We are waiting for you to begin a new life!

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