It’s winning over people of all ages and here’s why.

Padel has a huge number of followers. Since its discovery and take-off just a few years ago, it has become so popular that there is even talk of it becoming an Olympic sport.

The reasons for its popularity are simple:

  • It’s fun to play
  • It’s played by four people
  • It’s easy to learn
  • It has many physical and mental benefits

This aerobic sport is perfect for burning calories, improving muscle tone and strengthening several parts of the body such the arms, shoulders and lower back. It does not require strong or aggressive body movements, so is suitable for players of all ages, from children to adults, and is less physically demanding than similar sports such as tennis.

The success of padel

The growth of this sport in Europe has been and continues to be astounding. Not only has the number of players increased but also the number of followers, who have made it their passion, both to watch and to play.

Although it officially appeared on the scene in 1974, padel didn’t become a professional sport and achieve greater popularity until the 90s. Although in 2012 there were already over 39,700 federated players, the great success of this sport occurred in 2020, when there were already more than 1,800 padel centres.

Being a game for pairs of players means couples, friends, workmates, etc. can spend more time together, taking part in a physical activity that is both fun and healthy.

At Testa we too are fans of this sport and we have included it in our lives and in our homes. Our residential developments have padel courts in their communal areas so all the residents can enjoy friendly matches and competitions on courts such as those at La Safor, Conde Orgaz and Las Tablas.

The benefits of playing padel

Although the fun aspect of this game is one of the reasons why it is so popular, the physical and mental health benefits are without doubt what encourage different types of player to take it up as it:

  • Improves agility and co-ordination
  • Prevents depression
  • Eases physical ailments
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Promotes self-discipline
  • Reduces the risk of heart attacks
  • Improves sleep and rest
  • Prevents premature ageing

In summary, padel burns calories, improves muscle tone and is a physical activity that is suitable for keeping fit at any age.

Playing padel in the winter

Although it may seem a sport that is more suited to the spring or summer months, covered courts have made it possible to play padel all-year round. But they are not the only solution, on the contrary! If the courts are looked after well, you can play padel all year.

The padel courts in our residential developments of Jardines de Tara, Mercedes Formica, and La Rosaleda are uncovered, but we want you to be able to enjoy them in all seasons so here are some valuable tips to help you enjoy padel in winter too.

  • Wrap up well but not too much

In winter it is important to wrap up well but overdoing it can make you sweat too much and run the risk of catching cold.

Your clothing should allow you to move correctly. Use comfortable clothes that provide protection from the cold, are wind-proof and that allow the skin to breathe.

  • Warm up properly

Warming up is essential before playing any sport or doing exercise. It helps to prevent injuries and to improve performance.

To prevent the effects of the cold it is a good idea to warm up for longer than usual to get the joints and muscles moving and so avoiding possible injuries due to stiffness.

  • Check the court and the equipment

The court, the balls and even the racket can all be affected by the cold. Before each game it will be necessary to check the condition of the equipment and of the court.

Due to the difference in temperature, the courts are usually damper, so you need to consider how the balls will respond to this.

The glass may be slick due to the low temperature so you will need to watch out for this and be more careful with each shot. When the glass is damp a good trick is to play off both your opponents’ walls, in this way you will have more chances of winning the point.

Dry your racket frequently, prevent it from getting wet and if it does, dry it after each point so as to be able to hit it better.

With these tips you will be able to enjoy padel in winter and even under conditions that at first may seem adverse. Remember that if you are a fan of this sport you can play it all year round in our communal sports areas created just for you.

Ask us without obligation and continue playing padel with us in your next home.

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