At home, in your daily routine and in your life, begin to reduce your consumption of plastic by adopting Zero Waste habits.

Did you know it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to disappear? And that only 9% of the plastic produced in the world is recycled? There are many reasons why we should begin to reduce the consumption of plastic. Today we are going to show you how to create Zero Waste routines at home.

  1. Reuse, reuse, and reuse.

Yes, we know the 3Rs are not exactly this, but rather Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, but we want to emphasise the last of these, reuse. This very simple action can be included in almost any daily habit and will significantly reduce your consumption of plastic.


Imagine you are cooking a delicious dinner in your kitchen. Forget about plastics. Use glass bottles for the water and the drinks, reusable straws for the kids and store everything that is not used in reusable containers such as glass tupperware or beeswax paper to avoid waste.

  1. Think about your shopping

Open your shopping bag, there are a lot of products, aren’t there? Put to one side those in unnecessary plastic packaging and think about how you could avoid this consumption. By taking your own bags (cloth or tote) and containers you will avoid having to buy single-use plastic packaging.

Also, by making large or bulk purchases you will avoid a large amount of unnecessary packaging and even save money!

  1. Discover a world of new materials

The Zero Waste philosophy invites everybody to change day-to-day objects and buy products without plastic. There are many alternatives such as bamboo, glass, cloth, raffia, etc. Where can you use them? Easy, we are sure that in almost any part of your home you will be able to find plastic products to replace.

In your bathroom, you are sure to find things such as toothbrushes that can be replaced by ones made out of bamboo, disposable make-up removal pads that can be replaced by washable wipes and plastic cotton buds that can be replaced by ones made out of cardboard.

Use solid soaps and shampoos instead of plastic packaging and containers.

  1. Cardboard is better

Sometimes, both at home and outside, there is no 100% sustainable option available. Food comes in formats that are impossible to change, what should we do in this case? Whenever possible it is best to choose tetra briks or cardboard packaging. These are easier to recycle and what’s more can be reconverted into a larger quantity of products as their useful life is longer than that of other materials.

  1. Sustainable decor

As we have mentioned in other posts, choosing natural and local materials is a way of helping the planet from your home. You can do so by using long-lasting and versatile furniture that adapts to change and the passing of the years, such as that available in our furnished properties with furniture adapted to each nook and cranny, that in addition is highly functional and durable.

Totally eliminating plastic from our lives may seem a difficult routine to establish, but it can be achieved by gradually taking small steps.

At home every action counts to build Zero Waste habits. If you want a healthier and less polluting life take note of our tips. And if what you want is to begin a new adventure and start a stage of your life in a new home, visit our website and get in touch so that together we can find the perfect home for you.

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