If you think the coast is only for the summer, think again! Discover all the advantages of living near the sea.

Close your eyes, imagine your dream home, what does it have? Perhaps you imagine yourself alone, with friends, a partner or even children. A furnished property, in a good neighbourhood, with large communal areas, swimming pool, gymnasium and… with sea views? If you love the coast, why not live close to it, discover the advantages of living near the sea in this post.

At Testa we know the beach can be enjoyed all year round, so we offer you the rental homes that most suit you in the best coastal areas of Spain. Do you know yet which one best suits your needs?

Why live near the sea?

A way of life

Living near the coast is a lifestyle, a different way of living. The beach, the sea, the sand and the weather allow a number of activities that you can’t enjoy anywhere else. Can you imagine jogging along the promenade or enjoying a romantic dinner with the moonlight reflecting off the water?

For example, in our properties in Mallorca, near the beach, where the temperature is mild throughout the year, making it easier to do outdoor activities and adopt healthy habits, such as going for walks or enjoying great meals in restaurants overlooking the sea.  Here, the coastal factor has a direct influence on the architecture of the properties and the gated communities. It’s like living in a coastal paradise twelve months of the year.

A different ambience

As support for the argument of the previous point, we can say that the coast and the sea give a city a different atmosphere. Leisure plans, for example, are different to those of a city with no beach, there is less traffic and the calmness of the sea has a strong influence on the ambience of the city. In other words, in these areas there is significantly less stress.

This is the case of Barcelona, a city for which freedom is a hallmark. Its beaches are just a few minutes away by car, public transport and even on foot, providing a place to relax and sunbathe, where the kids can have a great time and young people can meet up.

It’s healthy

It has been shown that living close to the sea has very favourable effects on health. For example, our breathing improves thanks to the sea breeze, due to its high iodine content. Sea water is very beneficial for the skin, favouring the healing of wounds and reducing infections. The humidity of the coast reduces the bacteria in our bodies, favouring their metabolism.

Consequently, we can say that living in a coastal area like Almería helps to create a feeling of total well-being. In addition to the health benefits, there is the mental peace that places near the sea provide; without doubt moving to these areas represents a transcendental change in our lives.

The charm of the beach in winter

When we mention the coast we automatically think of the summer. However, the beach also has a lot of charm in the autumn and winter. The temperature remains mild so, if you don’t like the cold, the winters will be to your liking, with more stable temperatures than in the interior or in the mountains.

For this reason, many people choose, for example, Las Palmas as their place of residence. Its proximity to the sea allows its inhabitants to enjoy hot but refreshing summers and milder winters, enveloped in the romanticism that always accompanies the beach.

In consequence…. A happy life!

Less stress, more outdoor activities and peace, with a favourable climate and health benefits… Living on the coast is ideal! In coastal areas, such as A Coruña, anyone can enjoy a happy life. For this reason, at Testa we offer you the most attractive rental homes so you can build a life for yourself close to the sea. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us!

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